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Good Social Media Guidelines?

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Who's excited to change all of your passwords?

Yeah, me neither.

#heartbleed #security 
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I'm right there with you, +Janet Fouts. :)
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Have you seen this yet? I like the idea of being able to pin or feature a tweet at the top of the timeline.
Twitter Rolls Out New Profile Design, Making It More Like Facebook
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How to Create a Notification Circle on Google+

Earlier today I shared step-by-step instructions from +Bobbi Jo Woods on how to create a notification circle. Just in case you don't like to read, I created a short video that will help you get your notification circle up and running in just over 3 minutes.

Special thanks to +Peter Vogel, +Chris Pick and +Robert Warren for being the supporting actors and a huge thanks to +Chris Walker for encouraging me to do more of these walkthroughs.

#Tutorials   #GooglePlusTips   #Notifications  
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Painted Desert, Arizona. Stunning.
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Irene Koehler

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What do you suppose happened here?
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Rest stop
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Irene Koehler

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5 Ways That Pinterest Can Help Your Blog

Pinterest and blogging may seem like they are unrelated but bloggers can boost their website traffic and build their readership by using Pinterest. Think of +Pinterest as the frosting and sprinkles on your cupcake of web traffic, it seems like pretty eye candy but also adds a lot of flavor and interest! With a few smart steps each time you publish a blog post, you can bring traffic to your website from Pinterest.

Working with these easy to follow tips, you’ll start getting traffic from Pinterest right away and posts have a very long life on Pinterest. Pinterest is the #1 traffic referral to my blog in 2014 so far. These tips really work!

Create a separate, pinnable image for your blog post

The number one mistake that blogs are making today is not having a pinnable image on each blog post! Size matters! Even if you’re not a graphic designer or have Photoshop, you can make fantastic images that will help your blog posts be seen on Pinterest. +Canva recently launched some Pinterest templates that are really easy to use. Long, tall images command Pinterest taking up the most visual real estate in the Pinterest feed. Create images that are 735 pixels x 1102 pixels for maximum appeal and repins. I also use Canva's 800 x 1200 templates for Pinterest and Google+ images.

A great tip from power pinner +Melissa Taylor, update old posts without pinnable images. Create new images, add to the blog post then share them on Pinterest. You can even get fancy and add the embedded pin at the bottom of the post.

How are you using Pinterest with your blog?

Pin it for later
Read it now

My blog notification circle received a notification for this post, if you'd like to be added to the circle, please leave a comment below. Thanks for all your support Blog Circle - YOU ROCK!

#PinterestTips   #BlogTips   #Blogging   #ns  
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Irene Koehler

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Hey, you're using these 12 tips for better email subject lines, aren't you?

Boost your email click through rate with these tips, so you can spark people’s interest with your subject lines, along with the content they present.
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Yes! I like this! Makes using Google products much simpler.
Now you can get to your favorite Google products even faster by customizing how they appear in your Google bar. Just drag and drop to rearrange the apps and bring your favorite products to the top.

You can also easily add Google products that aren’t part of the Google bar, like Google Keep and Google Scholar. Learn more:

We're rolling this out over the next couple weeks, so please hold tight if you aren't seeing it yet.
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I don't have it,yet. I must be on the "B" List
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Fantastic resource from +martin shervington about Hangouts. Are you using Hangouts?

#hangouts #howto #video #googleplustips
A Complete Guide to Google Hangouts! (NEW BLOG and NEW VIDEO)
Just about everything you'll need to know, including a new video is on how to set up and run a Q&A Hangout!
#googlehangouts   #googleplus   #googleplusforbusiness   #evang  
Google Hangouts will transform how you communicate with people around you. A mix of video and text, and fully integrated with Google+
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Hey, +martin shervington. I'm keeping quite well, thanks. You? I'm always happy to share valuable information.
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Can also be found on my Almost Savvy page on Google+.  Being added to your circles = happiness. :)


After a seemingly endless career in corporate management, Irene escaped to explore  the world of self-employment. Along the way, she found herself deeply immersed in the world of online branding, reputation management and social media. A frequent speaker and social media consultant, Irene has a passion for helping people learn to use online tools and technology to achieve their business objectives. Using social media isn’t difficult, it’s only new. Irene has a particular talent for working with those in the early stages of learning, those who are Almost Savvy.

Attendees at Almost Savvy events have appreciated the opportunity to learn from someone who’s learned by doing, someone without much technical savvy to speak of. If you are looking to hear a lot of tech-speak, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’d like to learn simple, practical tips which allow you to determine how deeply you’d like to wade into the virtual pool, you’re in for a treat!

When not speaking or consulting, Irene can be found blogging at Almost Savvy, on Twitter, or Facebook

Best ways to contact Irene

For speaking or consulting requests, Irene can be contacted here. To ask general or how-to questions regarding social media, please post publicly and add +irene koehler to the post, or post your question on the Almost Savvy page on Facebook.

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