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welcome to the jam come on and slam
welcome to the jam come on and slam
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why is it that i come on here 500+ new memes are generated and everybody has a different username

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tbt to the time i made a pentagram for an ap euro 

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i love fan translations

you see the problem i have with google+ is i can never run away. fuck this thing is connected to my yt/google im stuck with this shit forever man

o also my mainstream trashy tumblr ass bought overwatch. add me on battlenet ArdenCor#1999

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why you should watch natsume yuujinchou:

- it's about a kid who can see japanese youkai, and he grows up telling the people around him that they exist but they don't believe him since they can't see youkai themselves
- as a result everybody starts disliking him and he gets hardcore bullied bc they think he's just doing it for attention
- he gets thrown around from foster parent to foster parent because they try to take care of him at first, but each gets progressively more abusive
- he finds a nice family!!! that take him in and help him learn how to be kind and to rely on other people when he needs to
- he finds good people to be friends with and can finally tell other people that he can see youkai and they don't think he's insane
- the show is about him growing as a person and learning how to open up to people around him. it's literally an allegory about somebody with a mental illness finally being in a positive environment where they can be happy im
- there's a cat. watch it for the cat
- one of the characters is canonically queer
- there are exorcists and they do it right
- two of the exorcists literally look like shizuo and izaya though i swear to god
- he has a badass grandma
- it's called "natsume's book of friends" if that aint heartwarming and kind to you yet idk man
- please watch it i have so many thoughts on this show
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natsume yuujinchou is such a good show

what a pure child. what a pure
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ive been fucking dead since 2016 but i got a 4.5 gpa for semester1 so im pretty happy

how does an anime studio go from terrorist anime to gay ice skating anime

@mappa how you doin over there

my driving teacher: [brakes at the side of the road] Sometimes, you need to appreciate the good things in life. [points at a shirtless jogger] Like that.
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