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Who is having the
knowledge and mastering technique to make leather shoes, for many centuries? Observing
and contemplating sculptures and painting from ancient Greece, we can easily draw
a picture about their life, habits and as well – clothing and footwear...

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Ippomare travels to Aegina Island
Summer is just around
the corner and nice, hot weekends are ahead of us.  We can spend them in variety of ways. For example,  if you are in Athens, after visiting
obligatory (sic!) Parthenon and museums, and
you would like to escape from the crowded city, w...

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Happy International Women’s Day!
International Women’s Day is perceived by some
as a communist holiday, others are happy to celebrate it. Yet, it’s always a
good reason to show women who you consider important to you that you care. As
the holiday itself is symbolic, it’s a good idea to gif...

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Time to bring back summer!
Beginning of February can be perceived as the
bluest moment of the year. Most of Europe is cover with snow and ice and as we
get cold all the time, we keep dreaming of hot sun, blue waves and carefree
time. But why not to make the dream come true and escape...

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Summer feelings You say denim and what you really think? Fashion, joy and immortal youth! This summer you may choose from many denim options:       we wear jumpsuits, skirts, shirts and of course shorts.    What is most important, denim total look is the fa...

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Summer Man
Summer Man Hey guys, it's time
for a real summer. So, don't forget to look fabulous! Right now, we want to
present three outfits, that will make you look posh and stay  in the hottest summer trends. And mix all
these outfits with sandals from Greek Heroes l...

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Wednesday casual Hey folks, how do you describe typical casual style? Should be comfort, easy and stylish. Today we offer you typical casual outfit: based on jeans and cotton top. We added some accessories: shopper bag, aviator sunglasses and metal bracelet...

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Shorts & Sandals
If you like shorts, T-shirts, military
style and sandals, this Ashley Greene's outfit is the best choice for you! This
beautiful actress knows very well how to mix different kinds of styles and
trends to get a perfect look. Especially ultra short shorts whi...

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How to wear nude colors? It's very easy!  L ook at Candice Swanepoel!  You should focus just on one piece of your wardrobe
(skirt is the most effective part) and try to add some easy and simple
elements. We advice to stay in one style: do not choose multico...
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