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Ecommerce website CMS with stock control and access control
Ecommerce website CMS with stock control and access control


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Find out why HTTPS will be so important for all #eCommerce #businesses with the new Google Chrome update here:
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Adding #Live #Chat to your #Website

We all know the feeling, you're shopping online and after hours of searching, you've found it, the perfect product. Everything looks great but you need to double check a few things. Is it compatible with my system? Is it machine washable? Is it suitable for vegans? Full of hope and excitement you scroll down to check the product description, only to find an almost empty paragraph, void of all answers. What will you do now? If you were out shopping in a store you could find someone to ask, but you're at home, on the sofa, in your pyjamas, there's no way you're going out like this. All hope seems lost and you slowly start to close your laptop in defeat. Then you see it, the #live #chat icon in the bottom left of the #website...

What is a #live #chat?

#Live #chat is a widget that opens communication between a #website and it's users through an instant messaging window. The chat usually appears within the browser, letting users communicate to the #website by typing messages. When there isn't anyone available to reply, many #live #chat solutions allow automated messages to be set up so that the user will still be able to use the chat.

Advantages of adding #live #chat to your# website.

- Convenient. #Live #chat can be really convenient for both you and your #customers. It can be used to send links to your #customers and often saves a chat log that can be reviewed later.
- Word of mouth marketing. Kayko research shows that 29% of #customers will tell their friends or colleagues about their positive experiences with #live #chat.*
- Instant feedback. For #customers, #live #chat is usually faster than phone support, and easier for them to access.
- Increase Purchases. Kayko research shows that 38% of consumers will be more likely to buy from an #eCommerce #website if they offer #live #chat

Disadvantages of adding #live #chat to your #website.

- Scripted responses can be annoying. Some live chat solutions offer scripted responses when there isn't anyone available. This can cause your #customers to become irritated, especially as it can become repetitive, and most people clicking on live chat will expect to be connected with a human.
- Waiting for a response. When #customers click on live chat, they're usually trying to get a quick answer to a problem. If there is a long wait time for a response, #customers may become frustrated and bounce (leave your #website).
- Not everyone will like it. Some of your more technophobic #customers will probably not like live chat and may find it to be more problematic than useful.

Case Studies

Total Gym using TouchChat live chat
Total Gym wanted to increase their #online #orders. They noticed that they were getting fewer #orders by phone and that more of their #customers were going to their #website. They implemented TouchChat as a solution to meet the needs of their #customers, and so that they can answer questions to get their #customers past the crucial point in their sales funnel. After implementing the live chat, Total Gym saw an increase of 39% of #orders on their #website.
Find out more, and read the full case study from Marketing Sherpa

The Sun using Live Engage live chat
Back when The Sun added a paywall to their #website in 2013, they needed to implement an easier form of communication for their clients' to deal with the backlash. They had to react very quickly to the feedback and questions they were receiving and managed to address 80% of the approximate 250,000 interactions on the #website with the live chat. The Sun also found that their live chat performs four times better than voice calls in terms of how long it takes to resolve questions/problems.
Find out more, and read the full case study from Smart Insights;

How to add live chat to your iPages #website

You can add live chat to your iPages #website by following these steps;
1. Find a Live Chat provider, for example,, LiveChatInc, Pure Chat...
2. Create an account with the provider.
3. Find the #website widget script on the backend of the #Live #Chat. (Most live chat providers will have a very similar looking dashboard, with, this can be found on the Admin page.)
4. Copy and paste the script into the body head script of your #website. (To get to the body head script, go to My Site > Pages, then click on "Default Head Tags".

Can we help?
If you're interested in adding a live chat to your #website, or would like any more information, feel free to Contact Us.
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Launching the Sarah Lovell Art website

We were delighted to launch the new Sarah Lovell #art #website to showcase her #print and #illustration work. Sarah chose to work with iPages, given our experience within the home and #giftware sector, as she felt confident we would help create her a #website which could attract further stockists, and help #customers visualise her gorgeous cards.

The iPages team designed and built an affordable, easy to use #website for Sarah and, despite Sarah being a self-confessed technophobe, the support team worked with Sarah to train her on how to use her iPages site.

Sarah now sells her illustrations in cards, illustration #books and #prints #online using the iPages platform to #host and process her #online #sales.

What does Sarah say?

"I have really enjoyed working with iPages on my new website. From the first chat via their website and then meeting Katherine at Pulse 2017, I felt really comfortable with them. Everyone I have spoken to has been really friendly and nothing has been too much trouble, which is great as I had a lot of questions and needed guidance on different aspects of the site ( I’m not a natural with technology!)

They were only too happy to help me and listened to my ideas on what I wanted the site to look like. I’m really pleased with how it looks and works. And I feel really happy that they’re a phone call or email away should I have any questions."

Sarah Thompson - Sarah Lovell Art
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iPages Development Update: New Masonry Cascade View

iPages already contains the ability to display pages and products within dynamic views such as the 'Waterfall' (fixed width) view which you can read about here.

This month, we are excited to launch the new 'Masonry' cascade view. This view works by fixing the number of columns and varying the width of your content. The end result is a dynamic tile view which shows the whole of your image without cropping it. There is even an added feature where you can choose if you want any of your images to span two or more columns!

This view is particularly useful for #blog content or for #products, where your brand is particularly visual.
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With #Christmas just around the corner, are you making full use of these iPages features to help your final seasonal push?

Marketing is built into your website with features such as Automated Pop-Ups, eCampaigns, Abandoned Cart emails. Whether you want to send out your final ordering dates, or remind your customers of an offer, how could you be making use of these tools?

Automated Pop-Ups

Time to setup: 5 minutes

Perfect for... Instant #customer reminders of offers, final order dates or


Time to setup: 20mins-1hour (depending if you've done one before!)

Perfect for... customer specific updates - you can use these to segment your customers and send tailored information and offers about different #product sets.

Abandoned Cart emails

Time to setup: 20mins-1hour one-time setup

Perfect for... Giving customers a gentler reminder of their basket on your site and #increasing #sales through persistence!

#Discount #Vouchers/Multi-buys

Time to setup: 5 mins

Perfect for... #up-selling to your current customer base

Related Items

Time to setup: 1 min/product

Perfect for... up-selling to customers whilst they are viewing other products.

Can we help?

Would you like to speak to someone about how to make the best use of your iPages site? Do not hesitate to get in touch and our team would be happy to support you.
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An Early Christmas Gift From iPages

With #Black #Friday and #Cyber #Monday only a week away, we want to make sure you've got everything you need to reach your customers.

As it's the season of giving, we've built a choice of three promotional #Christmas #eCampaigns which you can use within your iPages #website - free of charge. The templates are editable and leave space for your own message, or product details with an editable 'Call To Action'.

Get in touch and Download & Customise Your Christmas eCampaign now!

Once you've sent your email, it is vital that you measure the results of the email and check your eCampaign reports. You can find these under Reports > eCampaigns. This will give you click rates, open rates and other information about the success of your eCampaign. This will help you know what could be successful for your next marketing campaign.
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Jane's Story: Launching new eCommerce website on iPages

iPages are proud to have launched the new Jane Abbott #eCommerce #website a few weeks ago. Jane met the iPages team at Spring Fair earlier this year and shared about how she was struggling managing her current website. The site was not responsive and the products were hard to update. With a year of growth in wholesale planned, Jane needed a site which would attract new buyers as well continuing to display her product to consumers.

Over the last few months, the iPages team have been building the new eCommerce website, making use of features within iPages such as the #responsive layout, #mega #menu, in-built #order #management & #inventory #control, and the #product #attributes.

The end website is a stunning site which fully displays Jane's gorgeous fine bone china, textiles and stationary.

What does Jane say..

"We are incredibly pleased we are with the new website that iPages have created for us.

From the start of the process to the launch of our website, Khoo Systems have made every step of the process thoroughly enjoyable. They are a highly professional, very knowledgeable, experienced and wonderfully friendly team. Their attention to detail from visual to the technical aspects of building an e-commerce site is thorough. The quality of the service offered is next to none.

We feel very safe in your hands and with the after service that they offer we are sure that we have found the perfect partners to help our business grow.

"Thank you iPages for creating a website that we are very proud of."
- Jane Abbott, Jane Abbott Designs

You can view the new Jane Abbott site here, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any comments or questions about how you could benefit from a similar service to Jane
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What is #Sticky #Navigation?

Standard #navigation #menus are limited by disappearing when a user scrolls down your website. Sticky navigation is 'Sticky' or ‘#Fixed’ navigation where a #website menu is locked into place so that it is still accessible even when the user scrolls

Sticky navigation is a separate feature on a #web #page, where a conventional navigation menu is a static part of the site, usually located in the top left of the page. Sticky navigation floats over the content so that the navigation will hold its position, making it easier to access.

Sticky navigation can be compared to some desktop apps like Microsoft Word where all the text formatting options are fixed. It would get frustrating having to scroll all the way up to the first page every time you want to change something when writing a long document.

Advantages +

The main advantage of using sticky navigation is that it makes browsing a website easier by removing the need to scroll up to get back to the navigation menu. This is proven by its use in many huge and popular websites like #Facebook and #Twitter.
Sticky navigation can show a clearer view of where a user is when they are when browsing a website.

Disadvantages -

Using a sticky navigation on a website takes up space that could be used to display more content. The navigation can also momentarily block content that users are trying to consume and it could be distracting or frustrating for them.
They aren’t compatible with some mobile web browsers.
There's some research from Smashing Magazine that shows how people react to sticky navigation. The research consisted of creating two almost identical websites where the one key difference between them was that one used a sticky navigation where the other used conventional navigation. 40 people were timed in completing 5 tasks on the first website and then 5 tasks on the second.

The results showed;

Sticky menus are 22% quicker to navigate
100% of participants preferred sticky menus (without knowing why)
Why and when to use 'sticky navigation'?

Many people have a #psychological need to feel “in control” when browsing through a website, a sticky navigation can help to provide it for them. - Wired Innovation Insights. When used together with breadcrumbs, sticky navigation lets users keep track of where they are on a website and increases their sense of control.

To know when to use sticky navigation, it depends on what a website needs. If it contains many pages that need to be navigated through frequently, then a sticky navigation would be good to add. If the website is more #targeted towards #mobile #users, using a sticky navigation might be a bad decision as they’re not compatible with some mobile browsers.

Enabling a 'sticky navigation' with iPages

Within iPages, adding a sticky navigation is made simple through design shortcuts. Simply speak to your designer at the time of building your site, or get in touch with the team to enable this.

To see this in action, we've recently added a Sticky navigation to an iPages website, COGO:
Animated Photo
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How #Video #Content can Improve your #Website #Engagement

Why should you consider video content?

Video content can be a highly powerful means of #communicating about your product #and #engaging your #customers quickly.

Video content online is a fast-growing form of #media:

Did you know that in the past 30 days, more online video content has been uploaded to the web than the past 30 years of TV content?! #YouTube is the worlds second largest #search #engine, and a study by Aberdeen Group (2015) showed that companies which use videos in their marketing grow revenue 49% faster year-on-year than those which don’t.

Video content #increases #on-site #engagement:

A study by Wistia showed that people spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without. For stores, that is almost three-times the engagement than pages without video #content.

Video content increase conversions when relating to a product:

#Google produced a study showing that almost 50% of #internet #users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store, and nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer videos under 60 seconds (Animoto).

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In the last 30 seconds...
Ecommerce in Real-Time: How Money is Spent on the Internet - infographic

Ever wonder how quickly money is spent on the internet and what exactly is purchased?

Then wonder no more.

The team at +Ever Merchant has designed an interactive visualization that shows what eCommerce transactions occur on the virtual web every passing second.

Pin it:

View a live version here

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