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What google plus does for you in his spare time.
IV Year students 2012-2013
Animated Photo

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2013.11 Structuri Speciale la Atelier Zeno Bogdanescu
2013.11 Structuri Speciale
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Parametric Lamp with Kinect

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Kuka robot fabricates soundwaves via Grasshopper

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How to use traditional crafting and digital technology
Generated using my relaxation plugin! Cheers and good luck.

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Stand alone application for wall pattern design. check out the video also, it seems quite intuitive and straightforward.
Hope it will grow into a community!

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This is awesome, and much needed:

Unfolding is a Processing library for building themed, interactive maps. I haven't used it yet, but the features shown in the tutorial look really impressive.

If this library could be ported & deployed with Processing.js, we'd have a killer app on our hands.

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Check out the Workshop on parametrics hed at the Viena University of Applied Arts

Diy 3d scans and 3d printing with Kinect.
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