Today was by far the most inspirational Earth day I've participated in, and the most inspirational day of 2012. I encourage everyone to stop by the Gill Tract at San Pablo and Marin. We cleared and tilled 28 rows of at least 150 feet and planted vegetables. We will continue tomorrow and the following days to finish out the other parts of the tract. You can get more information and check out the press release at

#occupythefarm #takebackthetract

Occupy the Farm, a coalition of local residents, farmers, students, researchers, and activists are planting over 15,000 seedlings at the Gill Tract, the last remaining 10 acres of Class I agricultural soil in the urbanized East Bay area. The Gill Tract is public land administered by the University of California, which plans to sell it to private developers.
Earth Day 2012 at the Gill Tract
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