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I am Ion Saliu, a.k.a. Parpaluck, the most truthful Homo sapiens who ever was. I wrote the Book of Truth: It is all Random. Randomness rules the Universe. I demonstrated it beyond reasonable doubt — mathematically.
I am Ion Saliu, a.k.a. Parpaluck, the most truthful Homo sapiens who ever was. I wrote the Book of Truth: It is all Random. Randomness rules the Universe. I demonstrated it beyond reasonable doubt — mathematically.


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Huge headaches... and they are NOT necessary! I changed from to HTTPS:// via 301 redirect in .htaccess. Google should only look at the redirect. My site has some 1000 pages. Many of them have the rel_canonical to the old http. My sitemap is also with http. The effort is too big to make changes, including in the Search Console. I already had problems that took an entire day to fix (especially with AdSense).
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The Internet is roaring with searches regarding number generators — of all kinds, for all types of gaming. No false modesty — I’ve created the best random numbers, combinations generators. They run online and offline (as standalone apps).

The offline generator covers such a huge territory that cannot be described in just a few words:
• Odds Calculator, Number Combination Generator for Lottery, Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Horses, Sports, Roulette, Keno

Dedicated Web pages focus on one type of number generating.
• Mac Computers Software, Generator: Numbers, Combinations, Lottery, Lotto, Horses, Roulette, Keno
• Powerball, Mega Millions Numbers, Combinations Generator
• Euromillions Numbers, Combinations Generator
• Keno Numbers, Combinations Generator
• Keno Numbers, Combinations Generator
• Horse Racing Number Generator: Trifectas, Triactors.

It is highly recommended to click repeatedly on the buttons that generate combinations, before selecting the combinations to play. The chance is low that the first runs of the generator will come up with winning numbers in the near future. But you saved money because you didn't play those combinations (tickets).

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WOE! The reputable New York Museum of Mathematics has as guest speaker an individual who makes terrorist threats in gambling forums! How is that for New York City, one of the most terrorized cities in history?!

The “special guest speaker” says publicly: “People like this should be shot and put out of their misery. There should be a euthanasia program for scamsters like this piece of s**t.”
He might as well be speaking on behalf of the casinos!

The event is touted here:

“Understanding the Mathematics of Blackjack, with Blackjack Hall of Fame member and author Don Schlesinger –
Don Schlesinger, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the game of casino blackjack and author of the highly respected Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros’ Way, will explain the mathematical principles that apply to the game and why skillful blackjack players can obtain an advantage over the house.”

Not to mention that MoM unknowingly promotes a notorious gambling fraud: card counting. It is exposed even by former authors/vendors/promoters of the scheme:

“After you read what the card counter catchers are *really* saying under oath to the courts, then you will begin to appreciate how much the con men are deceiving the suckers when they fraudulently represent that they can win with card counting systems.”!topic/rec.gambling.blackjack/g9Iaj0I1yNI
(Card Counter Catchers Speak!)

Don Schlesinger’s verbiage is unacceptable even as bad joking as he might “excuse” himself — it is inexcusable! The most convincing proofs are here:!topic/rec.gambling.blackjack/ALKEZOXuqU4
(New American Psycho: Don Schlesinger of Blackjack Fame)

Such ways to “put to use” donation money…

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Developers, authors, vendors of card counting systems for blackjack make money by testifying against… card-counters!
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So-Called Wizard/Lizard of Odds (Michael Shackleford) always fought publicly any gambling systems, especially mine. Secretly, however, he has always promoted his own gambling systems. “Wizard of Vegas” published in 2013 a book where he sells what he calls “the best gambling systems”: "Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games"! How about that for schizophrenia?! Say nothing of the fact that "The Wizard of Odds" pirates the fundamentals of my gambling systems, where the streaks rule, because only the streaks represent mathematics!

Ultimately, more often than not, individuals of this type have their own gambling or lottery systems — albeit they publicly fight the validity of such systems! Their main concern is to keep the attention away from Ion Saliu's creations.

What a curious disease jealousy is when etched on a bloated ego and seeded in a deep complex of inferiority! It is a pathetic mixture of hypocrisy and schizophrenia!
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Getting to view or print the NFL schedule has always been a maddening experience. The presentation appears in the most incomprehensible manners, shapes, or forms. Why so, when NFL games are the most popular TV shows in America?! Google also contributes to the April Madness by listing at the top the most incomprehensible manners of Internet publishing (images, grids, abbreviations, team logos, etc.).

Without false modesty, methinks I’ve always had the best, most comprehensible presentation of the NFL schedule and also results and stats. Everything is on ONE Web page, with easy navigation from week to week, to postseason, to Super Bowl, and from team to team. Just like that:

View easily or print the NFL schedule, results, scores, stats this regular season, plus playoffs (postseason), to Super Bowl: all games of all football teams.

WEEK 1 Results
Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles 8:20 PM NBC

Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM CBS

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You always lose even when you win. There are two methods the online bandits make sure you always LOSE.

Some of them bandits offer outrageous bonuses! I saw bonuses of 5000 Euros! ONE MUST AVOID THE BONUSES AT ALL COSTS! I knew about that extortion scheme and I declined the bonus. One must read carefully before accepting the signup bonus:

“Prior to accepting any bonus, you will be notified of the total Rollover Point amount that is tied to each bonus. This Rollover Point amount needs to be met in full prior to being able to request a withdrawal.”

Accepting the signup bonus is like accepting your own imprisonment. You are tied to your online account until you lose your money entirely. If you win, you can’t withdraw your money that includes the bonus. You must bet again and again and again. If you want to claim the bonus you must bet, on average, 10 times your initial deposit. Chances are big the vast majority of players will lose all their money after, say, 5 bets. Lose all your money means you also lost your signup “bonus”.

This is the most outrageous tactic applied by the online bandits. I put an online casino to the test. I placed a bet in the last Super Bowl. I had a high level of confidence I’d win by betting on Philadelphia Eagles +5. I did win easily as I posted my bet at least two days before the game.

Now, I wanted to withdraw all the money in my account.
First, the player is hit by an outrageous FEE: US$ 60. The worst is still to come. Here is what the online criminal casino I dealt with email me after my withdrawal request:

“Thank you for contacting
• We would like to inform you that in order to receive a payout, should you have deposited by credit, prepaid or debit card, you will be required to fill out our Credit Card Authorization Form verifying the original charges before any payments can be processed.
• We need from you:
• Front & Back copy of the credit card ending – **
• Front & Back copy of your ID
• Signed authorization form ( Contact us for the electronic form)
• Recent utility bill ( not older than 3 months)”

They already verified my ID and also security requirements when I opened my account. Now, they go further, including disclosing sensitive information. Revealing credit card and other personal data can lead and usually leads to DISASTER: ID theft, banking breaches, etc. But the criminals claim: “… the security procedures are given to you in the email so you can protect yourself from Identity theft as well.”

Those “requirements” are only elements of a scheme to make it virtually impossible to withdraw your own money. Forget about bonus and all that garbage!

I warned about the criminal online gambling outlets in the early 2000s. The online bandits are more sophisticated than ever — and more criminal than ever!

There have been strong warnings all over the Internet:
“Online, Internet Casinos Survive Only by Cheating the Gamblers.”
“Reports of Cheating in Online, Internet Gambling.”

But, hey, all gambling has always been the realm of organized crime. You go to Las Vegas, enter a casino, and gamble with the hope of winning. No one is warned at the entrance “You are not allowed to win!” It happens that you win, the casino management starts panicking; they fear you are a “trained winner”. You might as well end up in what they call “back room”. They might as well beat the lights out of you…

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