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seo tools, google seo, seo, on-page seo, seo tips, seo blog, research keywords, clustering keywords


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Advanced Magento Search Modules

The search module is the vital feature of every website, as it enables your customers and visitors to look for content they are interested in. Besides, customer conversion rate depends a lot on the speed and quality of the webstore search engine.

In this article we present you a list of 6 Advanced Magento Search Modules, which we believe will make the search in your online store fast and convenient.

1) Sphinx Search Ultimate

This advanced Magento extension contains the most recent approaches to the item search in webstores. Sphinx Search Ultimate will provide you with everything for smooth and convenient product search in your Magento online shop. It combines Advanced Sphinx Search Pro, Search AutoComplete & Suggestions and Search Spell-Correction, which turns Sphinx Search Ultimate into a remarkably high-performance module.

Sometimes customers don’t know or forget how exactly to spell the product name. In such cases search tips provided by this module will be of great help to quickly find the item you need. When you type the first letters of the product name, tip phrases appear down in the list and you choose the one which matches the best to the product you are searching for.

Sphinx Search Ultimate is an open source search engine. It remarkably improves the quality and speed of search which will attract more customers to your  webstore. Sphinx Search Engine is used today by such widely-known companies as Box, WordPress, Dailymotion, Netlog, DealNews, Metacafe and others.

➡ Read more about Sphinx Search Ultimate

2) Magento Search Suite extension v1.2.0

Make the onsite search more interactive and intuitive with this amazing Magento Search Suite extension. Transform your search box into a powerful tool, able to perform simple and complex queries and greatly increase conversions. It is entirely compatible with Magento Security Patches.

Magento Search Suite includes 3 advanced search engines:

1) xSearch – evaluates search weight for every product. The parameter is based on the number of times the particular product attributes are used in search.

2) Sphinx – is a search engine for full-text searching of large databases.

3) Solr – is a Lucene-based open-source engine that scales across plenty of servers to enable real-time queries across innumerable quantity of documents.

Magento Search Suite extension contains 3 options for search accuracy:

Any – provides the results for products that include the whole search query, its particular keywords and their combinations.

All – gives the results for products that contain the entire search query and also its separate words combinations.

Exact – delivers exact matches.

It also can find the results for any misspelled search phrases. Moreover, you can add stopwords that will be omitted in the search process. With this Magento extension you can also learn what search phrases your customers use most frequently.

➡ Read more about Magento Search Suite extension v1.2.0

3) Search Spell-Correction

Search Spell-Correction is designed to find and correct any mistakes during product search in your webstore. In case of misspelling and mistyping standard Magento Search Module will give nil results and make users believe that your store doesn’t have the product they need. Search Spell-Correction will solve the problem and prevent customers from leaving the page because of weak search results.

You don’t need any additional software to install this module. With Search Spell-Correction you won’t lose customers, but have an opportunity to increase the conversion rate up to 15%.

➡ Read more about Search Spell-Correction

4) Magento Search AutoComplete extension v1.5.4

With Magento Search AutoComplete extension your customers will immediately find the products they are searching for, as it delivers the most relevant search results just in one second.

When a user starts typing a search phrase, a popup box appears instantly with names of products and categories that are connected with the search query.

The popup window is fully customizable. As an administrator you can modify its every feature:  appearance, colour of the popup box, product details (name, description, price, etc.), number of suggested search results, keywords highlighting, the layout of the window and other.

Using this Search Autocomplete extension you can also group the results by categories. In addition, the function Suggested Searches (show what other users have found using particular search query) can be enabled or disabled with this Magento module.

➡ Read more about Magento Search AutoComplete extension v1.5.4

5) Magento Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro

Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro is one more extension that provides searching tips to help users enter the correct search phrase and find exactly what they need.

It includes the following features:

       Opportunity to set search category;

       Fit popup box with the description, pr…
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