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We continue to take every opportunity to find out something new, improve our expertise and go deeper into already familiar topics. From time to time, we invite guests to our office and ask them to talk about something useful, to give us a training course or a seminar.
+Joseph Kovalov, a friend of the company, one of the speakers at and participants in the UTICamp conferences talked about importance of clear communication among all parties of translation project. Read our article to find out more:

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Watch Alessandra Martelli speaking about transcreation and sharing her ideas on how to build, develop and refine essential transcreation-related skills:
As a transcreation specialist, creativity is just one of the skills and abilities you need to provide top-notch adaptations that drive leads and sales. What about the other pillars? How can you build, develop and refine essential transcreation-related skills?

Join our free webinar with Alessandra Martelli on “Transcreation: Honing Your Skills”. It will take place on Thursday, September 20th at 16:00 (GMT+3):

The aspects we will talk about:
• the perils of relying on creativity alone
• the key competencies transcreators need to succeed
• practical ways to hone your skills over time.

Got questions? There will be a Q&A portion towards the end of the webinar to dispel your doubts and sate your curiosity.

Even if you can’t join the webinar online, register to be the first who receives webinar’s video:

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This year, as InText Translation Company marks its 16th year in business, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and celebrate outdoors.
To combine outdoor activities, a birthday feast and a teambuilding event we organised a real regatta. Our employees, divided into crews but united by a common purpose, sailed towards the finish line showing great teamwork.
And as it should be in a company where every single staff member works towards the success of the team as a whole, everybody won!
Happy Birthday, InText! Thank you, colleagues, for a great day out!
To see the full photo story of the event, check out our Flickr album:

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InText wishes you a Happy International Translation Day!

Translation is an art, whether you are translating a novel or a technical document. It is a great art to find the right words to reflect the initial meaning and help someone who speaks another language to understand it properly.
Stay inspired and keep the spark of art alive in your everyday translation challenges!

As a way of keeping this spark of inspiration burning, we created UTICamp to spread knowledge and exchange experience. The next offline conference, UTICamp-2019, will be held on July 20―28, 2019. The cozy Meteorit campsite will welcome everyone who wants to know the latest translation market news, discuss pressing issues, present their know-how and simply have a good time outdoors with family, friends, and colleagues.

Join our event on Facebook to stay up to date with the news:

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The first autumn UTIC webinar was held a week ago. Our speaker gave some examples of best practices and challenges throughout the world and presented some highlights from her own experience as an “inclusive language professional”.
Watch a webinar video to learn more.
At the webinar “Interpreting at Inclusive Events. A Very Personal Story” Elena Chudnovskaya revealed important aspects of the concept of disability as such. Our speaker shared some highlights from her own experience as an “inclusive language professional” and gave the examples of unspoken rules of behavior one should follow working at inclusive event.

Watch the video to find our more details:

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A corporate party is always a good idea for combining recreation with teambuilding. And a corporate party in the open air is a much more productive event.
At the height of summer we gathered our team together at the Meteorite campsite – the welcoming venue of UTICamp. We had fun playing games and doing sports, enjoyed the beautiful scenery spent time on the river bank with our families and colleagues.
To finish a perfect day outdoors we organized a drumming ring. This turns into a tremendous feat of teamwork that teaches everyone to listen to the others to produce the right sound. It was a great day full of joy, fun and teambuilding!
The photo story of our holiday is available on Flickr as usual:

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Have you ever wondered what your project manager, translator or editor looks like? It's normal to imagine the person behind the words, especially when you entrust him or her with your valuable information.

So in order to enhance confidence in our team, we’ve been adding our staff portraits to all InText emails for many years now. But as time passes, we change, new people join us, and photography itself becomes more sophisticated.

That's why we came up with the idea of updating our portfolio. We invited a professional photographer, and after a day of photo shooting – which was great fun, by the way - we were rewarded with a wealth of beautiful photos.

Take a look at us! We deserve your trust, don't we?
Read more about our corporate photoshoot here:
4 Photos - View album

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As you may remember, we at the InText Translation Company love nature. For several years now we have been helping to renovate the former Meteorite children’s camp. This year we have offered each of our employees a gift voucher for a holiday at Meteorite during the summer. Read our article to learn more:

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Do you love translating but have little interest in marketing, especially creating a strategic marketing plan to reach your target customers and target income? Then watch the webinar with Tess Whitty on “How to create an easy- to-follow marketing plan in one hour” to know what steps you need take to set goals and then meet them:
Do you have a marketing plan to reach your professional goals? Do you want to acquire more or better clients and stand out among your competitors? Here is a quick guide on how to create an easy-to-follow marketing plan in one hour.

Watch the video of the webinar with Tess Whitty to learn the steps you need to take to set goals and meet them:

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InText Translation Company has become a Business member of We are proud to be the first and, so far, only Ukrainian translation company to get this status.
Read more on our website:

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