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Tips to Keep Your Computer Free of Spam

Between spam, malware, and viruses, there are any number of ways that you computer can be affected, impacted, or slowed down.  The unfortunate reality about today's internet is that it's a lot more dangerous than it used to be.  In some ways, it's come to resemble a town in the “wild west” from the pages of American History.

There are places on the 'net that if you surf to without taking basic precautions, you're all but guaranteed to get something bad on your computer, and it could be quite painful to get it back off.  If you'd rather not go through the headache, here are some basic, no nonsense steps you can take to help be sure your computer is safe and protected.

Firewall Protection
If you're using a computer with some version of Windows, then you've got some basic firewall protection built in, but it won't help you if you don't turn it on, so make sure that it is enabled!  That's really your “first line of defense” against bad stuff getting onto, and impacting your computer.  If you want an added layer of protection, look into getting some type of internet security software like Black Ice or similar.

Malware Protection
Malware and viruses are similar, but not the same.  It's probably best to consider them cousins.  They share some traits in common and both can wreck havoc on your computer.  Sometimes you'll find good anti-malware software bundled with an antivirus software package.  Great if you do, but if not, then you'll definitely want to pick one of these up separately.  Without it, there's a gaping hole in the protection of your PC!

Antivirus Software
Other than the firewall protection, this is the biggie.  Viruses can demolish your computer in short order.  Worse, depending on the kind of virus that infects you, it can wind up sending spam mails to everyone on your contacts list and infect them.  Having a good, up to date virus software package is vitally important if you spend any time on the internet at all.

Don't skimp on maintenance!  You can schedule it to occur in the middle of the night while you're not using you computer, and running regular scans, defrags and the like will help keep your computer in top form and ready for whatever you want to use it for.

In the same vein, you'll want to make “restore points” at regular intervals.  You can automate this too, and if you use your PC frequently, you'll probably want to schedule weekly restore points at a minimum.

You might think it's silly to load your PC down with all these various antivirus software programs and other things, but when you think about all the important data you keep on your computer, and all the sensitive, personal information (banking info and the like) that you access through your computer on a regular basis, suddenly it becomes crystal clear how much losing your system, even for a short while, would hurt.  Even worse, imagine the damage someone could do to your financial life if they hacked in and got control of your computer, then used it to get access to your bank accounts and credit cards.

You may think it couldn't happen to you, but it's happening more and more every day.  That's why you need to make sure you've got sensible precautions in place.  Keep yourself, your computer, and your data safe!

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