Have you entered to win a GoPro Hero3 yet? All you have to do is submit a picture! http://apps.social.omniture.com/apps/s/yourthing
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the person with the most votes wins........  Ok..... I don't have much of a chance
Yeah, I entered.  Not willing to further sell my social media soul to claim votes.  Really, it's just a contest of who is the most willing to sell their social media soul.  I understand the motives for setting up contests like that -- I just wish it wasn't that way.  Looks like the first three contestants (at the bottom of the page) have it.
+Brett Groneman  and I shared to my fb wall and  the link is broken not clickable for anyone.... Oh well!  I ride on the Back of a Honda Goldwing  tirke so this was would be an awesome  tool to have 
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