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New to sales? 3 things you should know.

Sales can be a scary, enjoyable, frustrating or exhilarating activity. How you engage your sales process will have a significant effect on how it turns out.
Keep these 3 things in mind.
(1) Know your customers

There are very few other aspects of the sales process that are more important than the need to understand your leads and potential customers.
• Who they are – Age, sex, location, and spending habits.
• What they require – A single product/service, or several products and determine where you fit into their needs in terms of priorities.

(2) Understand and work within your goals

Know what your organization's sales goals are, it will ensure you can create an effective plan on how to achieve those goals in terms of the amount of leads and services sold.
You should have your goals too, how do you intend to achieve and exceed the organizational sale needs. This will help drive the processes you need to excel.

(3) Sales is a process

Sales is a series of interlinked activities that should cumulate in a sale. You will need to recognize this and understand the process your organization applies or if you are a start-up, create test and implement one. It is essential to update processes to shorten and improve the route to actual sale closure
Aim to be the best at it, it won’t happen tomorrow, and it won’t be easy but it’s doable.
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Customer profiling

The benefits of conducting an effective customer profiling cannot be underestimated. This is an essential part of sales. When done right, it ensures that getting products and services to customers are less hectic and more efficient but when conducted in a haphazard way, it impedes on the sales process and limits sales revenue.
Customer profiling goes beyond age, sex and location categorization, but also includes spending habits and income.
The more information you have about your customers, the easier it is to spot opportunities to sell them new products & services.
It is essential to group individual customer profiles into different market segments. This will enable you to target each group with specific offers tailored to their needs.
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