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A place in Turkey for putting your old books and giving them to those who can't afford them. Great Idea .
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In Finland we have in many libraries selfs where anyone can bring own books and anyone take what they want.
wow, that's actually kind of good... in fact is a great idea! 
We have these ALL over Britain at every recycling centre. They also do clothes and toys.
nice idea..!! give it to the ones who need them..!!
We give ours to Boomerangs in Cambridge, a shop that sells them at low prices and is run by an AIDS charity group. They've gotten several shopping bags from me this year.
Se parece al es que lo conocen
Sharing any things between people is the fundamental of Islam doctrine.. from 14 centuries ago .. 
Me gusta esa maquina. Nos hace falta mucha "Cultura".
para ese que dijo pasenme un peluche a quitengo uno, y ya hablando enserio, no solo nos hace falta cultura, sino tamvien mas criterio ya que no nos ponemos a pensar cuantos harboles estan en esa caja y cuantos mas van a estar
 a veces el problema es que también no sabemos cuales libros leer. lo mas fácil es empezar por los grandes clásicos universales
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