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Future Concept keyboard | Marat Kudryavstev
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Future? More like the past.

-Predictive keyboards

-Voice input
Alhex A
That´s true.
If it's almost as big as a keyboard, why not just have a keyboard?
چیز عجیبی نیست اگر ساخته نمیشد باید تعجب کرد
برای علم مرزی نیست چون...
برا راحتیتون بگم از این خفنتر هاش هم تو راهه
+Tyler Scott MacLeod +Wendy Cohoon I agree, but it looks like it is also projecting the text; this is probably the difference.  So, instead of another simple, projected keyboard, they are adding a small, projected monochromatic text display (ala 1983).  Perfect for those of us pining for the return of WordPerfect and DOS. 
میشه یکی هم اینوواسه ما بچه روستاییا واکاوی کنه بینیم این دقیقا چیه
already did that for the e-ball concept
Its time for a completely new method of input for our symbols, alphabet, numbers...just something completely innovative. 
It is awesome if we aded a OS it will be the awesome computer ever in this time 
+Scott Mc, that is true, but that doesn't make it 'future' either, a simple text stream from the host device isn't anything that can't be accomplished now, and since the keyboard is already being projected, that doesn't require much effort to impliment. the currently projected keyboards likely don't have this 'feature' because it's unnecessary unless you're going to replace your monitor with the keyboard, otherwise you have to have your in stream from the host device decide what to stream to the device. this is impractical, because every text application needs to therefore plug into the device's output stream, or else it will just be a big empty space where text is supposed to go
Laser projection keyboards are indeed already available. However, the image above appears to be projecting words as well. It seems to be a laser projected word processor.
جواب نمیده برات:)))
هروف منطورته؟:)))
Jenaabe molla loghati حروف doroste mardono sare kar nazar :-D
نه، هروف درسته!!!

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