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Sixteen-year-old Elif Bilgin spent two years developing a bioplastic from banana peels. She hopes the non-decaying plastic will help replace the need for petroleum-based plastic and combat pollution. Bilgin won the Scientific American Science in Action competition and is a finalist in the Google Science Fair.


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I'm an engineer and my ex is a scientist. I have high hopes for my two children, but if they decide to become artists well it's their lives after all ;-)
Wonderful! Now we have incentive to grow banana trees rather than cut them down.
@Daryl_Jacobs. Bananas don't grow on trees, they are non-woody plants. Which sort of makes this even cooler, because they grow so quickly.
Best of luck to her for further future 
Wow...Just Wow. Kinda makes up for some of the scum kids with their pants around their knees..)
Elif.... what an accomplishment...cannot even phanton the depth of how you even came up with such intelligence...hugs!!!!!!you could be someone's president or everything that can be imagined!  be well and go girl!
Wonder if her plastic is any better than PLA that is made from corn starch.
I wonder when the first product will be available...
Potentially useful, but should we focus on plastics that DO decay in the environment?
America: where 16 year old kids are smarter than oil tycoons. Sadly, no one in America listens to anyone but those with money.
Yes! Girls in science and engineering:-)
Hope for the future, YEAH! 
this kind of people, is the one the future needs. Only left a TERMINATOR that kill the other thousands billions
I guess we better start growing and eating a lot more bananas then.
That's a great development in carry bags world. Hope everyone supports and release the first product without any delay
+Arn-arn Parawan... she is 16. A child!
Try and keep your comments to yourself next time.
Ideas like these are a cornerstone in the youth of the world.
Nice to know we don't need an overpaid scientist to come up with solutions to problems created by first world nations. Keep it up Elif Bilgin!
Innovations all should be like this.. Bio related.. Eco friendly.. Proud of u
Ten bucks says she's secretly an atheist.
She is graceful in her eyes.. Which impresses me more than her discovery.!!

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