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These swimming pools are insane! #2 is a sick pool on top of a skyscraper!

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Looks cool now, but I bet the glass doesn't age well.
It's a real-live human tank!
asome i would like that pool =]
Mak Jon
Thanks for the idea I will make one in my house I really like it 
I'm very impressed that is true art
Mak Jon
So what I have many and will do it but I hope i can find someone to do it for me
what the that is crazy and impossible it had to be animated
Mak Jon
Nating is possible wed many
Actually I saw them build this on a TV show I watched not too long ago. The glass is also inside the basement of the house as well!! awesome!!
well i would never thought about that :)
+Alex Fry Did you see the TV show related to this?. It was actually pretty difficult to procure the glass and the sealants. Not to mention the engineering that went into bracing the steps and the glass along them.  They put glass in the basement as well. Tell me how easy it really is to put a piece of glass along the edge of a pool with no wall to hold it?!! 
Mak Jon
Wow thanks for the information Cody
Awesome, until you dove off the wrong set of stairs. ;)
I wonder if a shark can live in there 
Jus saying. I BUILD CUTOM IN GROUND POOLS. BONNEMA CONSTRUCTION IN GROUND CUSTOM POOLS. These are nice but not very technical. Lol. 
WOW - I've now found my home for when I hit the best seller list - I could wake up to that everyday!
that is a very cool pool . my idea would be to add an area for a tank to hold fish in it to make it look as if the fish are able to swim in the pool . my thoughts for the day from Tim the job handler.
that cool n neat and i like that thumb up!!!
Love to shag some girls brains out in that pool her ass pressed up against that window yeeeuuummy!
I wonder how the pool will look like if the glass breaks
That's a hot f... pool !!! Like the one in your house !! 
Dude thats awesome. I wanna go swimmin in that pool! ;D
Please change your name to 'Interesting Architecture' or start posting Engineering-related articles.  muted!
+Alex Fry ur page ist tha interesting wha does it mater if u do not follow u kinda look lik the shermanator 4rm american pie
that is soooo cute i wish i  had that
just 2 kool 2 look at... don't think i'm a stalker
It would be a "pool full of liquor" for Kendrick Lamar :D
Xu Chen
Minecraft style?
Neat idea!!! Doesn't look cheap...I wonder if this will be used for olympic pools someday...
thats nice come build tht at my house write in my room
I love the aquatecture! If i just coined the term, i want to be referenced!
If I had pool like that, I would be in it all day lol
sofia j
#2 I can see from my Condo living room window! Marina Bay Sands, Singapore!
Buzz Wu
Nice pool, nice house...can i visit you?!  lol
what am I doing wrong not to have something like that!! LOL
great invention,gorgeous creation

to be honst im living in one of those third world country never in my life had seen such beauty,,,,well,,,i only saw it in movies and magazines.....WOW....magnificent
I just saw one on a movie that the bottom was glass and it was a apt. Ceiling.
Sibi P
Now you just need to spread some cornflakes at the water to feed that guy! Is an aquarium... but is nice
wal bat
This one is awesome
that is cool someone please give me that
So kwl I wnt 1. I think I sw dis pic on a web site called quotev.
Luv it
can u put that in my back  pls an thnk u 
This is crazy kool !!!! Excellent !!!!! Very Imaginative !!!!!!!!
that is a coolllll house i wish i had one of those pools 
just wonderful my dream palace
I hope nobody keeps smashing their face and head on the end there..
That is tight, very nice I like it
greaaat now we can see the shark attack better :3
Wow very nice the best part is if you knock yourself out somebody will c you lol
SHUT UP!!!!!!!   THAT IS ThE COOLEST POOL IV EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what an unbelieveble creation!!! we really need one like that here in Brazil, mainly on account of the fifa world cup. That's great!
i want a house like this!!!!!
if i can afford this it will be like heaven on earth
it must be millions of dollars!!!! crazy whites,,,,
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