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Eduard Gray’s high-performance 38m yacht concept with twin-turbo V12 that spits out 880hp, launching it to a top speed of 230mph and even a garage !!
+Interesting Engineering
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Dear Santa,

Rudolph's gonna die if you don't get me this boat. The car is negotiable.

Seems like something from a James Bond film. 
How much does a boat like this coast ?
It's gorgeous, it's amazing, it's impossible for a boat to do 230 MPH with that design, the drag would be ridiculous.

So when you say "Concept" here -- are you always referring to something that has not been actually BUILT? Is this thing another virtual wonder of smoke and mirrors, or are we ... wait.  I see, +Chris Roberts points out that there's a small transcription problem, and from the original article it appears the thing may not quite exist for real yet, but it will.

Assuming they CAN get the car made, it's possible to meet that spec, and we'll see if a yacht that size can sustain 50 knots for any kind of distance at all, but with that in mind, I'd like to see what the results really are.
the site says it can reach a top speed of 375km/
Yeah, I know, I read that in your reply and in the cited article. It's the ambiguous grammar of the original that that makes it seem like he's claiming a top speed of 230 for the yacht rather than the car.
Omg I want one. Just one would do lol
This is so much more beautiful then that yacht Steve Jobs designed, 
Da li je moguce da ovako nešto postoji ? I ko zna šta još postoji ? Kao da sam video vanzemaljca
Maybe the car in its garage can go that fast... the boat? Never in its wildest dreams! 
+Chris Roberts
Another load of mixed up, poorly researched/presented BS from (non)Interesting Fudgerneering...
If they are going to trawl the web and present other site information as their own then at least have the decency to present the original link for curtesy/reference purposes. Thanks.
lmao  880hp aint gonna do it...try about 30000hp
+Chris Best not even then - speed is a factor of waterline length, a larger engine can push beyond that speed, but not by much. This is why hydrofoils were invented - to try and get around the hull speed limitation, but even that has its limits.
!Joder yo quiero uno ¡ Pero con gasolina de 120 Octanos
Con un neumático de ese auto me compro un Charade usado..jjaja
Razmisljam da ovo kupim al mi boje nekako ne idu uz kamenu kuču :-)
Cool, but, why so slow? if its the car, then why can't the car just power the boat along with the boat.
 santa dont even ask for my list. I want one of those.
Paul S
230 mph? I doubt that.
That is sick clean nice for me when I'm rich lol
Ive seen these stuff in my dreams. Maybe 20 yrs later they'll be real
Awesome.... Take look at that car too. That is also interesting engineering. :-) 
Looks like a bond car/boat ... Nice... :)
what should a programmer do to get closer to this technology
woow its a cool one am at africa when will it reach as hear
stunning, (Great-Design) love the mini garage!!!
i will like to use it this vacation.
What is nice? the boat or the car? :D
I want to drive the boat you can keep the car
Ryan Ng
That's sick bro.
But how are you going to get the car in?
Ryan Ng
I need a Tesla to go along with the boat then.
Whoa! That's kick ass, I want one! Where's the salesman?
THINK GLOBAL,ACT LOCALl.(Global when you can,Local where you must.)

Even if the boat only does 60 miles/hour, it will be an eye turner
If the Yacht has 880 hp, there's no way it could hit 230 mph, let alone 75 mph. Maybe the car could....
REALLYCOOL..... hmnn.,well i think its possible 4 the yatch to run at that speed,..i bet it will be in d nxt james bond film. 
Ahmed Mekkey ( ElKebeer Awi ) Said Before A7A and me too :)
Kinda reminds me of something out of James Bond.
Now that's what real creativity! All we need is more of that and we'd be awesome 👍
What if the waves were really choppy? You end up going fast then your car bumps up everywhere and end up damaging your boat and car....
What if you end up going fast in choppy waves bro... Broken.. Broken... Awesome but not good on ocean.. In choppy waves
Guys... A car and boat is probably 2.5 or 100.5 billion dollars

Something you will never afford
Its actually 29 million dollars plus a car 3 or 4 million dollars. Nothing you ever could afford if you just won the lottery. Oh and plus the gas price. Very thirsty for gas maybe.
Yeah!!!!!  That kind of rich!!!!
Yep! It is cool. However, I can't help but think about how many starving people could be fed if some of the cost or ingenuity of something like this was spent on that problem? Just sayin'.
nic................ 1 yr.................
The aliens called, they want their space ship back
it's been out for a few years now. still pretty cool
Q is going to spec this out for British Intelligence and James will have it totaled in under 4 minutes.
Zeno C
Awesome work.............Congrats
thanks for sharing, this looks crazy beautiful!
The motor and speed are for the auto, not the boat.  You would need more like 8800 hp to dream of getting that fast in a boat.
It takes alotta gas.. Probably more than Buggatti..
Zeno C
Awesome work..............Congrats
U suck noone likes u u wasted ur time now go to ur moms basement nd cry
The garage is a nice touch.
Think global, Act local.

sleek, it looks like a ink pen nib from top
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