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That is NOT stainless steel people. It's WHITE GOLD!

It's a Mercedes Benz owned by an Abu Dhabi oil billionaire (naturally). Featuring the newly developed V10 quad turbo with 1,600 horsepower and 2800nm of torque? 0-100km/h in less than 2secs, 1/4 mile in 6.89 secs running on bio-fuel.
More at : +Interesting Engineering
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All I see is a lot of jaw dropping interestingness.
Would be a hell of a bill if someone dented it ;)
That's a totally cool car but I'm dubious about the quarter mile time: I'm seeing a lot of highly modified Mercedes with times in the just-barely-sub-10-second range, all being claimed as the world's fastest Mercedes.  I'll have to read more about it.
He's environmental friendly enough to use bio fuel.

how did you know that ,this half botls will trap the mosquitoes?
That's what I want for Christmas! Anyone? ;-)
i don't know why?? people ref. to us as oil bill something about less than 1% of the people have the money to do that and they like to show off a lot (personally i don't like the car)
Bio fuel - so massive display of wealth from fossil fuels being run on bio fuel......the writing is on the wall!
this is not a car, quit calling it that.....
And for dieter this is not necessarily a lie emirates do have ca$h
Shame on you Emirat your brothers are under-attack
Buzz Wu
Looks like something from terminator...that melting cop guy.
What an obscene status toy. How many children could this feed, clothe, and educate? How much pain and suffering could be alleviated? How many human lives could be positively transformed instead of this shallow and vulgar display of wealth in tribute to a man's ego? Shame.
I give it that dude! That car goes hard, plus it's bio-fuel!!
Si eso es oro blanco me parece una indecencia con la de gente que hay pasando hambre
Copper would have been better.
dang my mom works for Mercedes Benz got to tell her about this!!!!!!!!!!!
Drive time with it.weres main?
no bro it uses rathi's zeher wid turbo sprinkler poison by guddu
I heard that this car Its belonging to Al Waleed Bin Talal. one of the richest people around the global he has so may things such as MBC channels. "not sure of the info"
All these, and he may not even drive this more than a couple of times
what a waste of money! shows you money doesn't buy sense or compassion...
It may be a very good use of money.  The money could have remained in his bank account but instead he used it to buy gold, mined and processed by people, then paid to apply it to people ultimately skilled in that work.  Rich people spending money is what gives me employment - keep it up.  Look at the ETF  ECON.  It is focused on investing in companies that tend to cater more to richer people in developing nations.  I think it might be interesting. 
Like the last one, I believe this is is made of pure silver too!  Not the color, the car!  It is made of pure silver!  Glad to see the money we pay on gas going to good use!  
This goes to show that Arabs pips are more richer and more conceptual than Jewish pips as known.
oh my ???? can i have this car ?
wow .. i would like to hav one of my own...
This arabs with a lot of mone are really really brain damage, what the fuck do you want a car with white gold? common you can help a lot of people so they don't die of hunger, and also have the car, but not expend all the money in this types of attrosities.
As a matter of fact i wud want a car made out of original yellow gold, if I had oil refinery at my back yard. Money makes the world goes around.... 
Money is not a problem, it's greed that makes people to do stupid things.
The things that you can do when you're a stupidly rich arab.
these bastards are so selfish they should bury them in that car when they died
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