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Honda Anti-Theft Negotiator.
Meet TERII, the most advanced vehicle theft-deterrent system ever made | Honda Anti-Theft Negotiator.
More at : +Interesting Engineering
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Hondas with busted glasses by criminals in the future...
LOL now that is awesome! Would not work in CO or CA!
Honda's 2012 April Fool's joke. =)
That was the most awesome video i've seen this year :))
shouldn't it do something to the drive over him or anything..!
To Andrew...There is a system like that in Korea, which by the way also zaps the intruder with an electric shock when it analyses the intruders movement and decides that this is really a theft going on.
LOL! Just what this world needs, a car with an attitude. 
Hilarious but definity NOT brilliant. Kinda of silly
Eric To
Old but funny
Para un ladrón no hay tecnología que valga.
Somebody just played Portal for the first time.
Loving is not owning
We can let it go
We can let it go.

Loving is not owning
You can let me go
You can let me go.

but "HONDA" is nice!,..:)
So stupid. Well the first thing is cut the speakers off and then break the glass windows and you got the car
maybe someone will do the portals!,.? :)
lolz!,.. :D hey! ciggarr in ph have heavy price,.. :( i cant smoke a lots,..>.<
I saw this on American fun videos (;))
We could use this in Chicago. If your cars robbed the cops just send you a report in the that's service
Assalam alaikum itaqillaha ya aki
This would be funny. Finally when im alone I guess it will talk to me 
I need this.  Seattle PD don't even let you report break-ins.  I need a car that'll give the jerks a little sit dose of reality.
O buoy! I'm not buying Honda anymore. 
H. khan
lol im buyin a Honda... XD
I like it....100,000 via the coil (or more,hehehehe) would be the perfect addition...with a warning first of couse---optional.
So you are wasting our time with a car commercial? A pox on your house.
Everyone has a car alarm. No one even looks when it goes off. Best to have something different like a gun.
Hahaha that's hilarious. I so want one.
Is that Killer Siri in a car?
Funny they had no problem swooping my Honda this morning...
Just a matter of time thesame people will bypass it nd the thifes will still do away with such car.

THAT WAS SO F IN FUNNY. i like the one, "you will be traded for a pack of cigarettes"    i want that alarm.
In Canada it would be illegal, you would not be aloud to hurt the car thief feelings, God we can be such pussies, i would like to see a few thousand volts through the slim jim
Lol !! I love it!!
What if someone just breaks the windown, it won't take more than a minute to take whatever is in the car, right?
that's cute, but a little 240v jolt might work faster
Couple big cans of pepper spray in the A/C vents, pointed at the driver's face...problem solved. 
maybe it should say "thank you for your finger prints, now transferring them and your image to local law enforcement"! LOL  Gotta love WIFI! !!
Phil B
Lol. Now I know where u live
And, oh, if you approach me and I can't face identify- See that lovely device you think is the door handle is really going to rip off your masculinity and catapult "them" into the next parking lot.
Like this new way, a talking car. I think its cool, cant wait, have to get me one of this .
the address part was smart when terri scaned his phone that s was funny
Car should have stopped him parking there in the first place. 
I would buy a Honda on principle were this legit.
That is a waste of money because people don't steal Hondas, they walk right past them. 
+Jay Knight It's hilarious though, have your friend go out to the car to get something and have it start talking to him, etc.  Totally worth it.
Actually, Hondas regularly make the Forbes top ten stolen car lists.
What a dumb video and a dumb idea.  Like it's really going to be able to scan his phone.
wow thats is awesom but i would shoot the rubber in the but so he cant steel my car!
Hahaha, would love to have one of these cars, just for the sake of a conversation with it.
GV EE p.kkkkP.. PPL pl.. ..P... ppl..'LL....L.. 3..L.
Silly, just call the cop quietly.. And give the location
that is so damn awesome and quite!!! i so want one of these!!!!
Terii' get a G+ account +Terii', u have followers on this page...
If Only there really was something like this.
That's a good idea to bad it's not real.
How about adding a pepper spray. :)
I do hope that's real!  Insert evil laughter
Still not as good as Magna Volt. Lethal Response!
Thiefs are more intelligent then computer or seftware!!
The English have a saying; "Nothing is better than a Rolls Royce...",
well, a Honda is better than nothing, so it must be better than a Rolls Royce! (My Honda has been stolen twice, and recovered within an hour both times, thanks to "TRACKER"!!!!!!!)
Hmm I wonder what a feature like this would do to car jackers.
You know the type, those who wait for the car owner to come back, pistol whip them, shove them into the passenger seat, wake them at gun point to get access to their accounts at the local banks ATM's, then take them to their house to rob & rape the family...

At least that's what they do here, what's the point of taking a car, when you can take everything from someone you don't even know.
Agreed Reuben, with insurance and satellite tracking systems, who needs TERII? All it say's is that Honda is there with the best.
Aaahhhh loooll yall check this out!!
im hoping the car can electrocute someone. haha
I think that if the Honda simply said "why steal me? I'm a Honda" that would be enough. 
Yoooh, that is crazy cool. i wonder if they will ever really mass Produce Terii
would they release his on different language? thieves in our country doesnt speak english..hehehe!
whole family likes this one
tis funny
When I get a vehicle I want one/w technology like that.
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