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Artist Franc Grom creates amazing art using eggs (he drilled approximately 20,000 tiny holes in this one.
More at : +Interesting Engineering
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Talk about the incredible egg! 
Wow!! Awesome job. Wonder how long it took to do that egg?
I wonder if he has ever drilled 19,999 holes and on the last one it broke...
How is that possible 20000 holes?..
Good thing that's not humpty dumpty.
Simply stunning the amount of work put into something so fragile :D
It's so beautiful too.
Yeah, this would be fairly easy to do by printing the design and then using a laser scan  -- the laser version of sandblasting, with pigment to remove the calcium instead of a  resist to protect it.  But if he used a drill it would be more cool, I think.
Amazingly beautiful..
Magnificent!!! Either way... Must have a very steady hand!!!
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