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Creative design. Looks as if falling down.
More at : +Interesting Engineering
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Surely its point of inertia isn't that far off the tipping point? unless its glued down? 
Does it makes a difference if the fish is on this side or on the other side of the fish tank? I wonder...
That will be one fishbowl full of panicked fish.
someone built one of these and put it on Ebay for £23 and i got it wooo!
I think it makes it more real for the fish!
Like a real ocean
Just don't ask how!
классно...и я такое же хочу...
HAHA . it really rare concept .
If I were the fish I wouldn't stop crapping my pants.
That would creep me out. It's cool though. Sure some folks would love it.
If it swims to the wrong side, it will tip over.
I wonder what the fish was thinking right then...
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