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Node Electric Outlet eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square! Sweet.
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Nice to see someone finally came up with a good excuse for having those flimsy, dainty prongs found on US plugs.
The original plug,I.e.wall plug would provide the grounding
Yes, no ground, and no way to make sure polarized plugs are connected correctly (those make sure the "hot" and neutral are connected right). 
this is an accident waiting to happen. As soon as you plug a second device in there you will end up frying one of them. all you would have to do is add a ground location and separate the contacts based on the ground and then you would have no current cross over. 
NOT SAFE. if any kid put a wire or any metal string on that square....finishhhhh...... not even a switch to off it ?
They had straight versions of these years ago, they discontinued them do to a lack of ground, and also electrical fires. I am surprised the UL is lettting this back in.
You don't want it, as I said, allot of fires were caused by a similar design years ago, also once again, no ground line so It's not good for electronics like computers or stereos.
Just because it isn't safe doesn't mean people won't want them... I want a flamethrower and that's not safe. Mind you that's a slightly different form of not safe.. Alas people will want this because it is cool, even if it's not the most well thought out/safe invention.
E.J. Su
... and that much easier for kids to stick stuff into it.
Saul Ab
interesting!! is it now on sale??
Great for non-grounded needs.  My computer would hate that, though.
Extraordinarily bad idea. I am sending this one to the UL, see if it is approved by them.
I should have thought of it
Presumably this would also allow a socket to be overloaded?
Two problems, 3 prong or polarized plug. But great idea that can be suited for electronic devises.
You will need a tamper proof cover the size of a Frisbee to protect the kiddos!! :-) 
That's awesome!!!  I've had a problem like that before.
Please, please, PLEASE tell me that this is up for sale!
Rounded corners! Apple will sue!
This is totally frickin awesome. 
Only works with US-style plugs unfortunately.
But what about 3-prong plugs?
Ground? Just add another strip in between for it-why did that became such an hot topic, over shadowing the whole idea/concept of a this plug.
Ground would even work if it was the surface of the center rail. The plug would need modding.
Huh.. don't we all cut/pull that damn ground out anyway!
But outlets installed in this country must be "tamper proof'. Is this one?
Nor does it have a proper ground.
Leo Lee
Nice design, but it can be very dangerous when there are so many plugs in that outlet because there is no limit sign. And one more thing, the grip of the outlet can lose its strength when other codes come into the same side.  
Too innovative, I just bought enough power cord! 
Too bad this one is only for 2-pin plugs. Some items still need 3-pin plugs
It might have messed with the aesthetics, but I can't see why they couldn't have added 4 standard 3-prong slots in that centre square. Or just 2, with their on/off switches.
Looks nice, but unbelievably dangerous. By plugging two polarized devices into this with the polarity of one reversed, a person could be electrocuted simply by touching both devices at the same time.
rob big
Kinda epic lookin..
This is the worst idea ever because of polarized plugs. 
Now i can say our world is moving ;)
This is called optimization for multi plugs.
That looks unsafe, but I would try it.
no dedicated ground ? it wont pass electrical code in Canada.
Interesting design, to bad its
Wow, I wonder how many plugs you can get in there before it bursts into flames?
i don't know what to say...but when it involves electricity, they should consider the safety least a warning on that wall socket for how many plugs allowed and what kind of appliances suitable for it...and it is useless to talk about ground terminal if you want to put 100 plugs on one outlet...rather, you better check circuit breaker's condition at the main switch...
Looks like they found a solution for the over saturated housing market. Burn them down and make it the insurance industry's problem.
Nothing new... was in a house that had strips along the baseboard. You can plug in anywhere in the room. Doesn't meet code.
I need a bigger square.
Interesting idea, but it doesn't prevent children from sticking a flat metal object in it. Current outlets makes it more difficult. I really like this one though.
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