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The border between the Netherlands and Belgium
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This puts whole new meaning on the phrase dine and dash. I could just see the police report "the two suspects finished their meal and fled the country". :-) 
Tom Kemp
So if someone drops a fork they have to go abroad to retrieve it.
Aren't the drinking hours different in NL and Belgium?
Hmmmm I would not want to be the border agent who has to walk up and down that line back before the EU.   :-)
Now I know what "crossing the border means..."
oops! i accidently spilt my coffee in Belgium ;-)
At the Cafe do you have to pay taxes and tip for both countries?
The kitchen is in Belgium.
What happens when you unfold all those divs on the ground?
Poor Americans.. +George Blackwell Taxes are part of the price already in Europe **, so its whichever country the Cafe is registered to they add they tax on for you. Also tips are optional, and staff don't get taxed on them.. although generally 10% is polite to leave for decent service **.. This shocked my American friend when he was over a few weeks back..

**may vary in some countries, but most western European countries operate this way.

** Actual percent to be polite may also vary in areas.
+Andy Hayes people expect 15-20% now in America. Even when the service wasn't great.
Andy Hayes: That must be central and southern Europe. Maybe the UK?

Because of the wages up here in Denmark tipping is no longer expected as a custom. It is done, from time to time, but it is rare.
Also, here tipping is taxed, which further complicates the procedure.

That is also why we are so confused about how to do tipping when we go on vacation ;)
heh we have houses here that have one room in one country the other room in another.... so nothing unusual. also the new square is made with a line similar to this one going through.
edit: also that house with border going over it was on the once "iron curtain" border ;-D
Gr8! What if India ll such neighbours?
Q aI
LoL..notice how the coziness ends when you enter Belgium.

Dont worry Belgians..we still love you. :)
Ok... Just in case you go over the line?!?! Do get deported or I'm can apply as a refugee?!?! 
Very funny , we have similar case here in America called the four corners where four states meet exactly in one corner . We
Visited that corner after driving ten hours thinking it was a tourist attraction , it was a line on the ground separting four states so we took pictures were one
Leg in one state and the other on another state as well as the two hannds in different states , these states were Colorado, new Mexico , Arizona and Utah . What an experience driving just to see something we thought it was a tourist area and turn out to be nothing 
1: Where are you?
2: I'm in Netherlands
1: Nice.
2: No wait, I'm in Belgium.
1: OK that's great.
2: No, in Netherlands.
1: Uhhh!!!
2: In Belgium man.
1: WTF
2: In Netherlands boss.
1: I'm outta here.
its like the states no body cares if you cross they dont arrest you or noting they just label it
Ryan Ng
Lol (literally)
Don't forget the good cheese in Netherland and the wooden shoes :D
awesome line.. no visa stamps required.. LOL but why swiss logo is separated between NL and Bel?
to whom does the area of border belong to?
I like to be inside the Netherland for a while then jump to Belgium for little site seeing. Love this
Ryan Ng
I don't know why this is interesting, but this place is nice.
no border patrol eh? i hope the US-Mexican border patrol guys see this. 
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