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Cool Leaf Keyboard !
Designed by world renowned industrial designer Dr. Kazuo Kawazaki, the Cool Leaf keyboard is a glimpse into the future: an elegantly tailored tool fusing the utility of a touch-screen with a brilliant, easily serviceable, mirror-like design.
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Amazing!! I wanna buy it!

Can it be wireless?
I want a gaming keyboard like this where it is a low-power led display. that way i can just look at may keyboard and see exactly what key is suppose to do what. (the game itself updates the keyboard). When it is not being updated by the game, it defaults into a qwerty status (toggleable to dvorak?)
I prefer clickety clackety buttons. Also, if it's mirrored does that mean while I'm looking down (to make sure I'm typing correctly) that'll I'll be seeing right up my nostrils ?. Could be be serious I can see some use cases. Extensible keyboard adaption depending on app, locale, function. Just not sure if I could live with it.....I like clickety clackety :)
I need it  ... but not at that price  :-/
No tactile feedback, no thank you. Plus I love mechanical keyboards.
touch keyboard. nice, just be sure not to break it ;)
It's a nice looking idea, but the lack of haptic feedback means that your typing would no doubt be significantly slower and more error-prone. I can see its use cases though (changing the keys depending on the app/game); when they get deformable surfaces worked out it could well be the future.
Nice a keyboard that you can wet and still use nice
Tron style!
when in the future? after i'm old or dead?
That keyboard is like Kim Kardashian, looks good from some angles, you wouldn't mind "having a go on it", but you wouldn't want to live with the thing.
Roy ias
is it sold? and at what price
Doesn't seem like it will be a good accessories for peeps that are used to old style QWERTY - typewriter style keyboards. The tiny bumps at F&J for index fingers, the raised keys for quick typing.

People using two finger typing or youth that have only used SmartPhones might like it better....
Thats really cool, but I bet I would mess up alot too comfy with my old keys..
All the more reason to drink a Red Bull and coffee at your desk!
This should have been out long timeago..since the iception of touchscreen technlogy..I wish it had an integrated touchpad the middle!! definitely buying one as it becomes affordable..
I want to buy that...
Amber K
I get told i bang on the keys all the time when i type, this deff. would stop that problem(: Gotta have it!
Looks cool. Try typing on your desk to see if you can actually get used to a flat smooth surface. I certainly can't. I like the sound of my keyboard clicking through out the day. :-)
At that price you're better off using a tablet as a keyboard.

Plus, this thing is super-thick!

Make it 5 mm thin, $50 and I'll buy it.
I want this I can be very clumsy and spill things or drop things
impressive man i hope i would have future use 4 it
I wish u knew where to buy it and how much it is
Not sure how I'd like it. I love buttons and clicking sound when I type.
like a bar of chocolate
erm dose it really make a diffrence they both serve the same purpose and why would you spill that much water on your key board anyways?
True typers (not look at the keyboard two finger typers) will hate this. We need to feel where the keys are to type them. 
I agree. I need to be able to feel the keys. Its not the same without the bounce, and I love to hear the sound of typing.
This is definitely not going to work for touch typing.  i can't even type on my ipad keyboard.  i NEED buttons!
Alice T
I think it will be so expensive.How much is it???
That will be absolutely atrocious to use. No feedback from the keys? No ability to touch type? Tapping repeatedly on a hard glass surface? This isn't the future of design, it is a failure of function.
Omg. I never thought of keyboards like that
did it get damaged my the water
That would be hard to type on, but I would take it!
Where the keys are i would have to get used to but i like how the surface is fit to clean if you dropped something on it.
i want that toooooooo... its so cool.
It would drive me crazy if the finger prints show up on it.
I like the look. No more dirty sticky dusty keyboard.
another touch button keyboard. So boring!!! It's mostly slow and you never know if you didn't touch the button correct or the keyboard is dirty and that's why doesn't respond or the system is busy that's why doesn't respond. So keep the future technology for the losers in the future, i stick to traditional keyboard
All I can say is: finger-prints... I'd be too OCD for that keyboard. :)
Sarah W
that looks awesome!!! go future! lol
Mary M
I like it!
Can it be used with kindle fire? 
no i like ones that u can here while u are typing cant stand not being able to here the buttons
thats kool just what i need thx u technolgy
Can you say carpal tunnel? 
where can i get one that is cool 
i freakin want that 
Voi Ano
i don't think i would use that while gaming... fail incoming!
well its actually NOT good for cleaning because you would just be pressing a bunch of buttons
I always wanted a TRON keyboard! +++ How much USD? I want!
I need that I spill water on my keyboard all the time!!!!
is thats touch screen?  Where do u get that?
Imagine putting your keyboard in the dishwasher at the end of the week 
woulden't that hurt your finger tips?
this is in my school there amazing
Ur Mom
Donnie thats 3 words...
i want one of these key boards!
when u whipe it off u will be typingrandom letters like this!! "liedfjbilefbvgiergfiy" muahahahah!
Great, as a mom I would'nt have to worry about the kids little crumbs hiden between the keys or if they throw up on it. I don't have to worry about sticky fingers and really, how many people use a blow can to spray the dust off their key?Their's a new invention called baby wipes that serve a even better funtion now then cleaning the bottom of your child/keyboard. 
I can finally not worry about being so clumsy with my drinks all the time!
i want one so i dont hav to worry about water around my computer
wud like to have one.............
Doesn't look ergonomic
See, I'd be the one to pour a glass of water on it and return it when it stopped working.
mm i like the looks and the idea but .....
if that's the future how come the thing  still got a cord? ;)
so i agree with +Robert Gattshall !
no buttons? Why not just turn your tablet sideways and use that as a keyboard? Oh yeah, 'cuz TOUCHSCREENS MAKE LOUSY KEYBOARDS!
this is wat i NEED!!!forever spilling something.
no, it would be just like a touch phone. eh, I like my "in the way" key board
woowwww ~
Just as I pictured, for my ideal PC keyboard. :D
just by wiping it, wouldn't have just typed a bajillion letters?
Neat!!! This one is for me....
very interested.great.
Cindy w
I really need this
i need it i always see people with it and im like gimmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Elegant design....Def. A good buy...needs to be cheaper though for the middle class.
Awesome! I want it! ❗❕💸💵🎮
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!    ( well crap isn't really holy)   ( ONLY GOD IS HOLY)
It looks really neat, but when you type a lot on a surface will surely hurt ur fingers. 
nice improvement to the irritating little clicks
i feel like it'd be rlly hard to use tho
thats so cool I woud probly spill on that alot 
that would be cool if there would be one like that one that you could change the background of the keys.
beautiful but where's the great feeling of typing, zzzzzzz
Cool.... mom can that for christmas
really cool and amazing thought.. hats off Sir..
very nice :) it looks very elegant
WIKCED AWESOME i would be all of it
I like the design although it might take getting us to.
i hate typing in touch screen ....
Cool!! I need myself one of that.
I thought there was a lazer keyboard.
I just join to blogger yesterday,and find the keyboard are interesting
Wendy W
Rubbish. I want a real keyboard. Touch is fine for ✆ or tablet but when I want to input large amount of data, standard soft touch keyboard Is the only the way to go.
Wendy W
I can see how hunt and peckers would like this. The rest of us will pass.
I don't think will be typing comfortably, visible buttons does me much better!!
its good and should
 compatible than present key board
looks cool want to have it!
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