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Good wife can bring balance to your life!
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Gegengewicht hat er ja??????
Methinks wife made very little difference. Look @ the tire size.
This is probably taken in Balkan :)
Da Ni
actually tractor may run in three wheel also when its jam ,puncture or some times 
Yes, who has a good wife, obtain favour from God! 
only if you have a vehicle without balance.
What about her ration...lolz.
Purani baat hy yaaar!!!! koi nai cheez dikhao, intersting engineering k naam pr......
It is taken in the Balkans for sure...
good to see she's putting her weight to good use!
hahaha can't wait to try it myself
his wife is a good support of the missing front wheel... common sense....
good mentality,, they have coordinations,,.
So that means he has to drive her everywhere he goes :) 
Now that's what I call the BETTER HALF!
eng r developing.old style
lol, hahhaa, true indeeed
you need the other in the field,Gassan 
Picture is funny, but the fact is true
Mechanics makes it true,it's all about  balancing.
I had a 1964 plymouth fury and you could take one of the wheels off,remove the jack and the car would balance out.
Баба с возу - пиз...а паровозу)))
but nice implementation 
She helps to balance this ... Do she balances bank balance???
its balancing..while granny behind at the back...hehehehe.careful granny!!!!
Hahahah very nice balancing on a tractor, they r heavy do that means she must be heavier
Daar het jy dit.Jy kry ook eendag n vet vrou nodig.     ?????????
يبقي انت اكيد في مصر
Hope it's not the same wife who took the tire off when he wouldn't listen to her. :P
That's why she's sat on the opposite wheel.
Three wheels on my wagon and I keep strolling along and the police can't stop me.
I think this is a lopsided story..!..
Lol you wouldnt want to go round tight corners though unless he wife is as agile as a newt to balance the weight
There's a 12-metre-ish gash in the road near our farm where my great uncle's wheel once came off a tractor cruising down there with a load of bales.
wife can balance everything :P
First time the old ball and chain was a good thing
A super model wife is of no use in this situation
Hahah........., certainly
nice couples God bless....................
Now, now some guys don't mind if after many years of devotion their wives put on a few pounds.... [I'm not married]
That extra few pounds on the back makes all the difference to the balance
fantastic wife and life..................
This is they call it weight distributions
good idea, balancing by fat lady.
All live balance by your wife
thats what you call teamwork! :-)
really good balance......................
But heavey weight only for certain guys or they will be overturned instead....
so wat is it 3wheeler or 4wheeler?
ahhhhhh.... well said
3 wheels and a mammoth of a woman

successful vehicle
and what's the interesting engineering here..?
I think 4 wheel bcos of da of a lady at left side..xi dd a gud balance
Fall ? Not to fall ........... ,,,,, ?
True a Good wife does bring great balance 
i wish i could have a wife like that as well as the
Lol saying his wife is fat!!!
Lucky man who has a good wife
well this is balanced because of 3 tires.loll
I cant think a better use for women anyway
Yon Lay
Blessed is a man who finds a gud wife b4 God, hope soon....,!
Difficult situations give birth to witty inventions and solutions. : D
hahahahaha without tayers...
Finally a good reason for a wife
A substantial women is blessing from God.....
tractor can work with one front wheel
That poor front right tire...
No tractors can run without front tyres!!
is it not tracor it is a three wheeler nice.....
Its very fantastic that's interesting i love it. Awsome
If the wife can do it ; then this man must be very luckiest in his whole life !
Will that possibly move,::. haaam

Jajajaja la abuela gorda, esta haciendo el contra peso! 
His wife stand there to balancing the truck. lol.
good wife can be balancing on husband life also 
Yes...bad one bring hill to your life
that can be only in Turkey :) I soo looks like Turkey... We women here always share life and help each other:))
reminds me of my =======>
Not tuf i can do this with my tractor.
I don't think my wife would appreciate it if I used her as a counter-balance
maybe is a very expensive wheel :) I would be happy to help hahahahhaa
yeh  es key biger bi ho sakhta hey
   lol thats called balancing your life
Not during sex !! God help him :) 
counter balancing of weight.. guy must be a physics professor... 
Left turns are just 450 degree right turns
Farmer's friendly his wife in life..........
This vehicle is amazing without a front wheel.
All tractor machines have this facilities......
Handyman Hill says, "so true!"
Jay A
for good times and bad times!
I believe in team work or nothing Lol
its not wife. The tractor is designed in this way. even without the woman it would ride. why make fun of woman. 
In soviet Russia, Wife balances you!
that is why USSR failed, relying on wives!!
they have found the missing link..
Extra tire around the middle makes all the difference.  She's a 5th wheel in that relationship.  Baby got back.
no wonder their sittting on only one side
 what balance without one wheel .........
How many pound two man?
How many pound two man?
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