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Circular Pedestrian Bridge China
Circular Pedestrian Bridge and overpass, which allows people to avoid the roundabout traffic of Lujiazui Road. The Oriental Pearl Tower can also be accessed from this bridge to connect people to cafes, shopping malls, office buildings and a transit station. Built nearly 20 feet above the street, the pedestrian bridge has many escalators and stairways for entrances and exits and because of the contemporary design, the long spans between each column allows people on the street level to have a pleasant viewing experience.

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Yeah very interesting 
really stunning!!! I'm speachless to see this pic
how about constructing such bridge for tawaf in makkah .are you listening saudi authorities
I was the recrecently and experienced this sick engineering idea. It was pretty awesome
China has lots of clever building designs we can all learn from.
Way bigger than it has to be!
i called that "the great bridge of china"
awesome engineering.....beautiful place for couple hangout!!!!
rly stunning designers do a wonderful joj
amazing, just to salute the Chinese amongst other nations who take little steps for taking care of their citizens...
it should be like this everywhere.
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not  hear  in  australia   they  cant  build  roads   hear
Seriously? How many times is this going to get posted on here?
dont    think  a  head  50  years  time
Been there, just a few months ago. The city of Shanghai is very dynamic & that whole area is beautiful & impressive. 
Actually this is a good idea I've always wondered why they put walkways at street level anyway especially in big cities.
Fantastic, must be incredible to look at all those cars and smell the lovely diesel exhaust.
I can only hope we (will) have something like this in The Netherlands.
Great, not before time that an intersection was constructed with pedestrians in mind!
Oooooo! I hate roundabouts! It is just too much sensory overload. Too easy to be distracted by someone while trying to do something else. This one is quite beautiful to look at though. 
Lets replace Old Street roundabout with something like this! How cool would that be.
good thinking,perfect finish.absolutely fantastic
CH Lee
So colourful
This pictures have been shared many times, look, again. ....
Josh B
i lost count of how many times i've seen this bridge in "what's hot"
such artistic work should be on record
I am a transportation engineering , their idea is just so creative .
wow .. what a view .. really amazing Engineering Work ..
Beautiful Roundabout. Where is this? 
We need something like that done in new York.
It's really interesting..........,
how I which we av it in cool
They valued.pedestarians. Great job done. I must go there.
Seems like you will go out of your way to get to the right walkway to get off. Then you would have to backtrack.
Want to do a drift like Mr.Han did in "Tokyo Drift".
It should be spreaded, yet it's not all over China.
this is enginering at its best
Go and see an old Dizengof square in Tel Aviv
I want go there🔱👑🔯👒👓👔🔮🔫🔪🔦🔥📶📴🌔🌑🌈🌆🌀🌇⛅🌁
wow.!!!!!! not in ghana, our leaders will just use the money meant for such projects to buy expensive cars for their girlfriends, build mansions for themselves and throw stupid parties.
I would not walk there unless cars are electric:-)
ميدان التحرير2080
wow...............its very nice
its pretty cool just standing there :)
cool, looks like round compass showing direction
a very innovative creation for the sake of pedestrians and motorist aliike brilliant!
I like it too! But contary to some comments I think this is more of an architectural wonder rather than engineering.
A Kan
Creative thinking
be very careful when you are walking on this stupid ring bridge. my ipad 2 was stolen on it last year, just 10 days after the release of ipad 2. there are many thieves around this area. 
Nice, but smog problem, not healthy. Perfect for electric vehicles.
What a great if not simple idea this bridge is. I've seen the underground version many times in the UK, but this overground version is so much more user friendly and practical!
looks like an entire waste of funds.  Surely a gov't project or some very rich crazy women, oops, or man.  LOL!
How many times will this be reposted. I have been there it is nice and amazing. We go again in March.
there's a place were there is no insurance thieves
Can the same designer do something about DC traffic?!?!? WOW!
Wonder bridge .good theem
Wow... Marvel of Architecture..
omg!!!!!!!! so fabulous... 
One day chinese will rule this planet
you don't see THAT anywhere in america
Taking pedestrianism to the next level
Very cool, I was there last year and took a similar picture from the pearl tower! Spent a good amount of time walking around this area and taking pictures
I feel like if I had to drive on that road for the first time I would be freaking out
Beauty piece of engineering art
Interesting, but just a vision for India...!!!
Well at least they can view the whole scenery
Ryan Ng
Otra vision mente humana creación perfecta de "DIOS".
Beautiful and safer for ppl to walk on and around to the other side.
This is a popular feature all over China. Saw several in Chengdu. The only ones I've seen here are in Las Vegas. New York should have some. They work.
Lovely like this is new dream city
I would guess it is somewhat expensive to build, but makes great sense. Just as the ideas with underground tunnels for traffic, underground parking houses and similar!
jakarta kalo di buat kayak gini pasti gak ada lagi macet . . .
this will blog off your mind if it doesn't then you don't have it.
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