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Zwembalkons in Mumbai. Each room has its own pool.
More at : +Interesting Engineering
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i think we turn green to this hell but proud to be Indian not because of this building but because of culture  and i am sure that was most beautiful than architecture 
my  country moving to corruption that was big problem in future of India 
A tower of water,mumbai and water,under water hotels now this
와우! 환상적 이예요
WoW! It's fantastic!
Solve the corruption and other problems over creating engineering marvels. This would be a huge water of money, time and more importantly skill.
In Mumbai? Where exactly? I dont think this is true...
is me kia fun hy jennifer Sharp
I love this!!!! I would love to enjoy it! :-)
It means every one could be naked and no one will be watching 
This Lovely!!!!!!!! I wish i spend honeymoon here. 
Its just a concept of an architect who really don't understand engineering and economics. It can never built. Atleast, never in India.
thats hard as hell i want to go there now
keep in mind that our dependance on forein oil is used to fund such project, as well as thier collective boredom to committ terrorist acts on the US and other contires at large...keep that in mind when our sons and daughters are slaughtered on some forein field of battle..protecting their right to charge the US more for a gallon of oil...
It's not an hotel. It's a residential tower.
Real or fake, this looks both awesome and terrifying at the same time!
I expect this is just an artist's impression of a building which hasn't even broken ground on construction yet (much like the twisty tower +Interesting Engineering has posted about at least twice). Post again if/when it ever gets built and opened...
L.I.C : Jeewan ke saath bhi Jeewan ke baad bhi
And where in mumbai does this actually exist??
wow i wonder if the bottoms glass so u can see the people underneth u????
Not in Mumbai, it is a dream project...
The creativity nowadays is amazing
please stop sending me emails
This is a drawing people. This is a fake building. I mean come on, do a search for it, all you get are the pictures you see here. There is no address, there is nothing more then the people who keep posting these fake pictures. Also think about it people, what is the color of water? Is it really blue like that?
Pool are really blue because of the chemicals.
+Jake R +Awais Khalid The developers frequently mentioned in association with this are building a high-rise in Mumbai called Aquaria Grande; however, needless to say it bears no resemblance whatsoever to these drawings. Scroll up a dozen posts or so for the links to what is being built.
Nice... But a common sense question.... in a city where water and electricity are rationed most of the year round, how the heck will anybody get a NOC for this? how will this come to fruit? 
super cool but probably really expense
Looks like +Interesting Engineering has become just BS pictures.

You gotta think even if it were real would you really swim at the top.  If the glass barrier broke...flush....out you go with the water to your death.
Again, this is so fake... check the perspective... first, if the pool is deep enough for the person to swim with shadow cast on the supposed walls of the pool... then the floor (based on the sides of the pool) is not deep enough.  To accommodate the pool deep enough to swim in, then each floor would be at least 10 feet from ground to ceiling.  But i have to say, the design is awesome. :-)
+T JW indeed there is no dearth of idiots who would bribe their way to the top floor of structure. Only too see their pools empty for better half of the year out pay their way to water tankers. There are hundreds of residential buildings today where the pools lay abandoned yet the residents are paying through their noses for monthly assessments.
that is amazing, but wheather or not i would trust it is another story...
Imagine if one of the top pools collapsed; it'd be like vertical water dominoes.
these pools are not designed for ppl with vertigo :)
that is so awesome i would love 2 vacation there
I'd hate to crack the glass :P
Would love to go there that's awesome
No offense. But India should first of all take care of the beautiful buildings it already has. A good example would be the Taj Mahal and its many temples. It's loosing its identity now just like many Asian countries. 
I guess I should start saving to spend 2 weeks here for my 40th birthday!!!!
Now we know where a lot of Earth's water is.
Great idea but too expensive to operate and maintain.
now we know why it is called desert:)
Looks real fantastic..but fake !!
thats sooooo sick.   AMAZING . i love it 
anybody can see u swimming. u would like it bt u will rethink abt it. choice is urs.
+Juan Giron  ouch.. it hurts so much that there are so many ppl from the US who have no clue abt geography..every random site i check out abt ZWEMBALKONS.. i have a group of ppl saying they get it from oil.. they do terrorism.. aaahhh seriously what gives u ppl the audacity to comment with 50 IQ.. check stuff before u speak.. mumbai is in india its not dubai.. and ya even dubai doesnt have terrorism..WELL I DONT EXPECT U TO KNOW.. 
Does this structure really exists? Its amazing...but what about the water cost?
+Julia Julasic Noooo if you go to the local swimming pool... the water is not blue. If the water was blue you would not be able to see the bottom of the pool. In these DRAWN pictures or COMPUTER GENERATED pictures, the sides and bottom of these pools are white. The ONLY way these pools could be blue is if they used blue paint to give them that type of color, which they did not. This building in these pictures is not real lol.
+Ben Norwood Ok so looked at the links. Nothing like the building in the picture above that everyone (because it is on the internet) thinks is a real building, with real pools for every room or apartment. So you pretty much solidify my point, this building is not real. This is just a drawing of a CONCEPT of a building.
Looks Fake.. Where in Mumbai is it? I am sure the project will never finish..
Someone's pipe dream. India's government needs to step up and take care of their people. There are over 2/3 s of the people who are have nots without proper housing water. And a far cry from western living arrangements. Some parts of India are down right nasty - people living like animals. Not a country that in would return to.
For those who said this is impossible:-
Once a person said earth is round people said its impossible.
A person dreamed that we talk with any one from anywhere people said its impossible.
A person dreamed of going to moon people said.........
A person said there is a force like gravitation people said........

And there are so many impossible things in the past which is possible now. If there can be a building under the water then why not a building full of water. And the most imp it is going to be build in India. So it can't be impossible little FIRANGIYO!!!!
so what happens when the person in the highest pool is so fat that they make the pool break and fall
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