iphone 5 With Transparent Display
iphone 5 with transparent display is definitely a striking device. The text and images are very clear on the transparent display. The camera also allows you to easily see through the phone to see your subjects when you capture images. There’s also a built-in projector that turns any surface into a virtual keyboard. The laser projection keyboard liberates your thumbs.
YouTube: iphone 5 With Transparent Display
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None of the stuff you mention ("..text and images are very clear...", "...the camera allows you to see through the phone...") are actually selling points. Only the projected keyboard sounds like a worthy feature.
Like every other transparent screen Smartphone Video is this also just a concept video.
We all know Apple products are good but more info on this one would have been gr8_ 
Obviously, iPhone 5 has been released, and this is not it. One of the main reasons that this is not it, is that this does not exist in the real world.
Spiffy concept art.
Interesting in the way people actually think it's real...
Curt Dox
+Charlie Borges Unfortunately plenty of naive (Facebook?) folk are quick to believe anything-  that just because you say you're a French model, means you are one, because everything on the internet is true (because it says so on the internet).
too much transparent.how do we see text?
+Christopher Francone  Depends on how much it costs to create the transparent aluminum (crazy fact, such aluminum does exist).
Is this so the idgits walking around glued to their FB status can see where they are walking and don't fall on their face?
Yea thats such an upgrade "sarcasm" that sux
It looks impossible to read on...
2 hours battery life time.
It's called Photoshop people. Gawd!
where you will get transperent app for it until it's most sold
This is completely photoshoped. Yes there are transparent displays and yes there are transparent batteries but nether are on the iPhone they are all prototypes.
Post something real for a change.
Looks like joke to me iPhone 5 is already out also lol how could you carry that I hate to find if I dropped on floor some where :p
so, where's the battery and the circuitry?
you've all been had by someone with an iphone frame and poor photoshopping skills
txing while driving made easy
Wow need to get me 1 and 1 for my wife that looks so cool
If it will be ever real,it would be too expensive for the consumer and that means no massive sales!
I just love it and i'm gonna get it as soon as it available in Lesotho.hahahaha.....!
What happened to the interesting engineering? 
Funny thing is that some people are going to believe this.
oh!!! i see technology is turning scary!!!! lol...
i don't get the appeal with transparent displays. its hard to see and read. why would anyone want one?
There are android apps that use the camera to do this - they smash battery though of course
Another daily debunked hoax presented as fact from fictional engineering.... 
Josh P
Are you all that stupid?
Think about the hardware . Jeez, sometimes I worry about the world! 
tell me abt it, the android technology needs to give consideration to the battery consumption
What plonker thought that having a transparent display is a good idea? Oh! One without dyslexia!
Not a good idea. Neither I like it. 
Great for hip movie scenes. Not so much in real life.
Ryan Ng
I can't see the text... squint
What's the point of these "videos"...it's just a bunch of pictures put together with "fancy" transitions. 
The transparent display is a really bad idea, try to read a text while the you see the other side of the screen. Or see a picture, while the other side shines through.
White text huh. Wont do so well in bright lit areas...
Woooooooooooooaaahhh!!! Awesome... Av always wondered how to. Remove the battteryy.. And see whats its like.... Nice 1

i guess its to help those people who are texting and walking from running into electric poles, falling into lakes, and smacking other people as they walk around aimlessly..you know typical apple users..jk :)
Apple making something new is as realistic as the end of the world on 21-12-2012... And thanks to people who are stupid enough to believe that apple has actually done something right, I am actually quite disappointed the world didn't end.
God people are stupid. I've lost hope in humanity. 
Too bad it's a Photoshop mock up that's been floating around the internet for a about 5 years.
Is it real? Doesn't as the reality..
Even I can see the text, and I wear glasses.
i think it's harder to read on certain condition
Then everyone would be able to see all the porn I've looking at! lol...leaves very little privacy is all I'm saying
I'm assuming that this is done with the camera and the interface lies over it? Bit of a drain on the battery life there... 
+laksha surya LG has been working with transparent screens for a while now. Its nothing new..and yes it does exist. Apple just took existing technology and integrated it within their phone as a concept.
Oooo, I want one .. and a unicorn ...and a castle in the sky ... and ... ugh ... The Te'o syndrome is spreading.
Android already had a seethru app, i tried it half a yr ago
Increasingly, "WHAT'S HOT AND RECOMMENDED" needs a -1 button.
If I had a nickle every time someone posted that the next iPhone is going to have a projected keyboard I would have enough money to buy the next iPhone!
looks like a way to tempt one to text and drive;-)=
To bad the iPhone is a piece of shit, not even a clear display will help. Samsung's superior display is clear and FLEXIBLE. It's so PLEASEN to watch Apple stock drop as more and more sheep leave the flock
Android abú, death to Apple!
Do we really want a world dominated by one technology? Competition from Apple is a good thing.
A photoshop picture of your dream product is not engineering.  If it were I would have had classes in Star Trek when I was an engineering student.
Zane A
So is this site just a bunch of shit? I am starting to think so.
+Dale Strickland-Clark Dale that's true too, but I'm saying screw apple in the confidence that there are hundreds of thousands of idiots that will pay sell their granny for their I phones/pads/pods/life's.
but i must say the i phone 5 is a cool phone think what we are going to have in another 13years look at how far we have come
It was a made up (non apple) video making up things about the iPhone 5 before it came out 
even if it was true, how's this even practical?
Yeah, that looks MUCH easier to read.
I'm always losing mine already. I'd have to put an orange flag on this.
leave the phone stuff to the phone guys, you will lose alot of followers with stupid shit like this. especially when you try to portray this as something in production.
So most of the phone is made of glass? Cant buy a phone case either, will deafeat the whole purpose
That's admittedly neat, but not very practical in a smartphone format. It could work for the inevitable iGlasses that Apple will develop to compete with the Google Goggles, (thereby causing another round of lawsuits to the annoyance of the average consumer)
It's funny how many people are falling for this bogus none sense. It's fake!
Interesting Engineering is just a good graphic engineering.....,
isn't it guys?
i think this is the best one so far i meen come on its really cool and a good phone
This is madness make for Africa how many can aford
Yawn, another iFantasize device...
Transparent display? And what about transparent speaker, transparent antenna, battery??? Cmon people, think at least a little! 
No doubt this site is a bunch of misinformation. 
Where is the circuitry supposed to be?
Then there is the question of the battery?
It never really surprises me just how dense the smart phone want to be's
really are.   
Apple don't know how to do it but Samsung recently displayed such a amoled screen at CES. May be not for phone but for shopping display etc.
Crap from crapple.

Really! Ppl covet their privacy like is a investment in other words its protected. Regardless of the screen display to be shared with the public its not a selling point. SMH.

Here's an idea make the OS open/unrestricted plus don't tie everything to iTunes. Boring!

That's just for starters.

Icrap is on a steady decline. See ya wouldn't wanna be ya. 
This is total bollocks..... where is the battery. Has Apple invented completly invisible or transparent circuitry? Where is the antenna or the Sim card Apple has also invented an invisible one of those.

What's the point? What can transparency do for me?
hahaha you guys are killing me literally......bt anyway this"s a joke too far
wow, yet another meaningless, pointless, cute toy that i will never allow to darken my doorstep.
sony ericsson made this before. check xperia pure.
If I drop it off of a tall building, and it reaches 88 mph, can it time travel, too?
Impossible for Apple inc. to do this.
Possible for Samsung to do this ;-)
altough it's real, what's the benefit from this useless stuff? it would be useful if the transparent screen formed from non-solid, so you just need a small space to put your phone off...
Ok seriously, all you people hating on it, we all know if this were on an android phone of some type, you'd be requiring a new pair of pants. Just stop with the apple hate for no reason other than it's apple. Yes, this is photoshopped or faked or some other way in all likelihood, but just the concept itself is cool. So please, stop with the incessant apple hate, it's annoying as hell.
A user of both Android and Apple and sees the benefit in both
Its the fake, cause the we're still in the world of LED and LCD display.                   
Its the thought ... Its the imagination. Its a tech lovers bread and butter to say i gotta learn this. 
I thought the subject here was interesting engineering. All you ever post is concepts, which are little more than artists interpretations, or the toys of the obscenely rich arabs. I have yet to see a single post about an actual engineering project. G'bye.
it is only a concept but will be going into production    there is now proof 
Keep dreaming. Probability that such device comes from Apple in the next 30 years: -1%. But Samsung, Sony, LG and/or Motorola have a good chance of getting there in the next years.
Apple says shit but never does shit
Stupid, where is battery and antenas?
Totally fake. And from Apple no less? I would only expect this from Android.
Again apple will claim that theyr'e the first to conceptualize.so be carefull samsung.lol
I don't buy it.
Are we to believe that all the chips and the battery are transparent too??
Looks like PhotoShop.
Yeah right! This type of technology is still in the making. Not maybe until the nxt couple years. 
Is it April Fool's Day already?
Cool ... but not my type ...
Nice technology, stupid idea.
Complete rubbish ... well +Interesting Engineering ► it seems that you search for mockups from anyone on the internet and put it online. Well those are complete useless things and doesn't have anything to do with engineering .. Stay focused on existing things and not to fantasies
I have enough to read at EACH new possible cell phone presentation it will be a FUCKING, LAME laser keyboard.
Write 'laser keyboard' again. Write 'laser keyboard' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, write what one more Goddamn time!
Don't like the iPhone, but this is pretty cool
I'm sure that's not gonna happen.
This is unbelievable I luv dis mehn kodus to apple
Its of course fake! A transparent screen would show off the phone's motherboard, not your hand
Apple always seems to want to be ahead of the pack when it comes top mobile phones. they simply font know when to give up. Just let one category of the industry to the better commonly.
I know Apple is not that innovative, but that would be a really annoying display, I could see one being distracted by objects on the other side.
U got to git me one of throws 
I don't understand why people in this post would hate Apple and praised so much about Android, they both the same product...a smart phone only with different OS. Lighten up people, it's just a phone, you didn't make them! Anybody that buy one or the other is just a personal preference, they both good devices. Now stop texting while driving!! That's just Fucking annoying!!!
Officially photo chop and screwed, chop...chopped...and screwed, lol...jj-later
My iphone 5 IS transparent. It's made with fairy tears...
What point does this serve?  Typical Apple, form over functionality. 
Unbelievable but interesting . Are u sure an I pod is available like this;)...!!!

Unbelievable but interesting . Are u sure an I phone is available like this;)...!!!

yeah text is very clear... just hardly readable with the random background
images look awesome too especially when blending into the background
even reading texts rocks when the person vis-a-vis can read too
just get over the transparent devices it's retarded
1. Invent a transparent phone, making everything unreadable 
2. then users have to put their hands behind the screen to see WHAT is on the screen, making it non-transparent

3. level of retardation, OVER 9,000!
Wow Apple is OBVIOUSLY hurting. Who would want this? Its a migraine headache device
I have not seen any like this , so I will not believe:)))))..hmmm

its superficial..........one time phone will vanish
just a shit and nothing else to do with transperency
Nope.  90% of a phone is the battery.  This phone would have a battery life of about 5 minutes.
Ada M
Personally, I'd rather not know if the people around me are using their PDAs to watch porn, but hey -- that's just me.
and why would i want that? isn't it harder to read?
Just thinking: Wow, they made all the electronics, the SIM card and the battery invisible too. We’re probably getting close to transparent Aluminium (Star Trek 4) and the warp drive :-)

Don’t believe everything you see.
"The camera also allows you to easily see through the phone to see your subjects when you capture images."

Er... so does every smartphone camera... they use their screen to do that.

Is this even real?
+Lee Cooper Think before talking ! If it was the camera then the position of the hand can't be there because the camera is on the top !
This is a fake image, only Samsung got the technology to make transparent devices, and it's not before a very long time.
FAKE that's all.
That wouldn't be high-tech, but why-tech.
Kiran V
What is the purpose transparent screen?
Just when I tough this generation of engineers couldn't make worse than the Siemens Xelibri.
I'm gonna wait for the black frame to go away. Just give me a chunk of quartz 
I have a video posted of a girl falling into a canal while texting. She could have used this...lol
Lol I can't believe some of you think this is real!! Retodds 
Graphene for the win... Though not implemented in this CONCEPT!
agree .. see through screen is worthless.. but a glasses with visual data embed in it is a genius!
I heard about dumm criminal now Engineering
Only iSheep can dream this all day, but youll need to get through another few more years of same old crapple
thats too much for my taste. They need to tone it down a bit.
My god, I like that phone
They forgot to mention that it also has invisible internals. That seems like more Interesting Engineering...lol.
this needs myth busters inorder of ppl 2 bliev in it
It definitely won't be iPhone that has these features first.  If their MO still holds true they'll polish and market the features better.
And why exacly would I like to see through the text I'm trying to read/write?
Woooow dats nice hw much my wife wants it now now evn me plz tel us evn if i cost a lot of money it doesnt matter how much we want it
It's NEAT... just like the other over excited nothing really "more useful than another product" products that apple sells so well..  
More gimmicks,thats what we need,theyr gonna have to come up with something really amazing before that barge like phone totally sinks
Going to have to figure out a way to sperate myself from this species..... Too much stupid for my tastes.
I thought this was fake from like a year ago.
It is not possible.where is camera and battery.....
this should have read 'Introducing a concept photo from months ago that all the tech geeks have got over and moved on from as this tech is not the next big thing and apple will never make it anyway' 
Leo Lee
What is the benefit to have it? Hard to read. Why do we need this? 
i want it.. i want it.. nah just joking!! i wouldnt trade my nokia 3310 with this one.. hahahaha :D lmao
It's not even April 1st, this is a bad post.
fantastic amazing
its wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like this, taking it to another level
Rudy M
Gimmicks.  Would people actually buy this?  Oh wait, iPad mini...of course they would.
u should c the you tube vid. and then watch the behind the sceens and i can see the green screen
Thank goodness, I hate it that I cannot see my fingers when holding a phone.
Like i said before in previous posts about supposed new tech. They probably already had this 5 years ago. But for you the consumer, they'll release it when they fell it will make them the most profit. Milk milk milk the sheep. Baw! Bawh! Me want me want,, bawh!
That would be very interesting if it weren't complete fabrication. Do y'all check to see if something exists before you post it?
"The camera also allows you to easily see through the phone to see your subjects when you capture images."

Yes, because the full screen picture of what I am taking a picture of always gets in the way.
Samsung had made those transparent laptop... Apple gonna get sued for sure
This is a joke - there is zero functionality of a transparent "display". Display means to show/make visible, not invisible.
Now if someone (hint #google) was able to have a phone/tablet with a true "mini projector" built in that could show the phone screen, photos, or video images on a wall or screen; we might be on to something worthy of discussion.
This is crap and so is the iPhone. 
Why people believe any stupid shit without make any research
hope to have one someday... any free sample from the manufacturer?!!!!!!!!
We all know its not real, but it would be sweet
if I remember correctly it wasnt apple who was doing this but Panasonic. I could be wrong though. One reason I believe this is fake. 
Interesting, but too thin for comfort! What type of case would you put on it-a clear paper protector sleeve???
I don't see any advantages from this design
A Kan
Transparent screen?
Lmfao the transparent screen is made by Samsung. It would of been real if Apple didn't bite the hand that feeds them. The holographic part is fake.
i still can't comment bad or good stuff about this app until i get one. Let's see!
jas Ben
Wow I want one!
How much cost dis?
i still can't comment bad or good stuff about this app until i get one. Let's see!
i still can't comment bad or good stuff about this app until i get one. Let's see!
Half of you don't even know how to post a profile picture, most of you don't even read what the other posters post, you just put your stuff up there without even acknowledging anything, anytime. go back to your flip phones! This high tech stuff is for adults only!
Wow, is Apple reduced to ripping off Samsung again? They REALLY must be behind the 8-ball.
thats fibre optics guys!!!!!!!!
Dib: What stories had robot elves? Everyone, remember last Christmas when you thought that escaped Gorilla was Santa?

(struck me as people still believe in those things)
I don't think so its gonna come.. hearing about this from long :(
MS already shown this concept few years ago..

ps. Projection keyboard is actually not comfortable as you think. There is no feedback, absolutely nothing from key typing so it is hard to recognize actual typing. 
seems that would be distracting to read!
look to me like the same hype that was spewed out when the Icrap 4s was in the works. as far as i'm aware the only company that has done anything with a transparent phone idea is samsung and that was this year at the CES.
Is it what i think it is a transparent cell phone?
Chris M
Won't happen unless they get Samsung to design and build the screen.. because you know Apple don't have much hardware technology..
William Young: i agree with you! 
Fantasy as its best. We're not there yet. For that we need a super unexpensive tiny processor and a super small battery to be able to work. Anyway I got the name of that phone: Clear Retina iPhone. 
Patent wars all over again !!!
William Young: i agree with you! 
Chris M
The sad thing is Samsung have already made a working concept device, this is just a fanboy Photoshop..
Apple is being very "transparent" with their marketing strategy. 
Roger S
Why do you need the camera to "easily see through the phone" if you can already ... see through the phone?
The video is just several stills that someone threw together, i'm used to #interestingengineering  sharing more substantive content than this. quality control on your posts?
William Young: i agree with you! 
hie what do we call it, obvious not a phone1
Hopefully the near future hologram technology will allow for such.things.

What a foolishness!!!
Why would I want to see my hand behind my phone? If i'm reading a book, I don't want it to be see though....
Wow iphone lovers taking their own time to come up with vaporware and innovative ideas to help apple save face. I have to say the apple cult members are unique. What's funny is the fact that all the stuff shown on this fake video come from the innovations Samsung and other android phone makers showed at the last electronic show at the beginning of the year. Dude, you are dealing with educated consumers. This isn't real. The good news is you will be able to see a phone with all those features and more this year but not from apple, it will be Samsung and android". Boooyah!
Not awsome it probably break if u drop it
what would be the point?? Apple have run out of ideas...
So you can text and drive without crashing.  /s
So is Samsung going to put it in motion and when? It looks very nice i must
say real futuristic
Samsung would be the first one with something like this. They can innovate, Apple stopped doing that after Steve jobs..
If you can make a phone this transparent ..m sure u can see through a human body some day 
If a phone that is transparent can truly exist technology isn't anywhere close to making it a possibility... There are apps that can mimic the functionality but they just waste your battey
Transparent display is really cool Tech., yet, the emerged (annoying) object (even our own hand/fingers) behind it will surely make harder to read the displayed texts. Technically, it obscures the sight, and it can hurt our eyes.
Because finding your phone isn't hard enough
that's sooo stupid what if it snaped in half
+Clinton Halliday an innovator.but my answer for ur question is this can  make a way to a floating screen in air
+vignesh bala so i imagine now the hard thing is now to make things float? now wheres my hooverboard?
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