*Cloud Covered Island - An Awesome view *♥

Litla Dimun is a small island between the islands of Suouroy and Stora Dimun in the Faroe Islands. It is the smallest of the main 18 islands, being less than 100 hectares (250 acres) in area, and is
the only one uninhabited. One of the most striking feature of this island is that it often remains covered in clouds. This type of cloud is known as Lenticular clouds, so called because it is shaped like a lens. Lenticular clouds are always stationary and when formed over mountain peaks or islands, like Litla Dimun, looks like a majestic hat.
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John Sapp
Nature is certainly a little strange but beautiful none the less.
Lenticular clouds?! Haah! Nice ..
Strange things are nice and it is like adrem
Nice... but as nothing to do with ingeneering.... Your G+ name seems misleading..
I wonder what do clouds taste and smell like, should take a trip there and find out.
Clouds are water, what do you think they taste and smell like?
amazing..............that's God's best creation
Lalu K
very nice
wow...realy want to visit 1ce
god's nature. don't destroy it
After the invent of photoshop I really doubt whether it is genuine?
Love it from www.baldmanandvan
That's awesome, our planet is so beautiful!!
This reminds me of a scene in a book by Stephen Lawhead - in the Song of Albion trilogy, I believe.
I am one of the 48,000 with Faroese DNA. It's nice to see the Faroe Islands getting some public attention!
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This picture is 100% real, I've seen the Island in person.
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i've seen this thing with my eyes

+Ahmed Waheed Oh yeah, definitely. You have to see it in person to understand how special it is.
That's awesome but how do you get onto the island? it looks rather steep.
Lenticular clouds? Thanks for the share. Learn something today!
No big apes living on there by any chance?
This photo is beautiful, but the phenomenon is not that uncommon. Lenticular clouds form anywhere where the air is forced up from what is essentially a plain by a geographical discontinuity, and where the air is filled with moisture. As the air rises, it cools, and the moisture it contains comes out of vapor state.  I've seen them formed over the Blue Ridge mountains, and you often see them over volcanic islands in the South Pacific.  You also sometimes see them in lines over a ridge, rather than a single lens shape. Hang glider and sailplane pilots like them because they are a good way to visualize what is happening with the air near a mountain or ridgeline, which can be useful for soaring. Especially cool over a ridge is when the air comes down from the ridgeline and 'bounces' up, and forms a secondary and sometimes a  third line of lenticular clouds downwind from the geographic feature.  When you see those, a pilot can sit in a huge area of gently rising air for hours, and it is truly a beautiful thing.
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Reminds me of when I drove up to Pike's Peak in the summer, years ago. I saw a beautiful cloud going over the top. I put on nice, warm clothes even though it was summer. Still can't believe how many people were surprised to discover it was cold at 14,000ft!
My house will be built there
Canada was the first "majestic hat"!
I would love to stand on the top, in the cloud.
Is the Bond villain's lair underneath?
Instantly it makes me think of the island of Avalon from myth, and the fact that the Faroe islands aren't too far from the northern tip of Scotland only adds to this.
Nice, I come from the Faroe Islands, the weather there is very special :)
Um... Standing in a could is called "being in fog"...
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Wait for mass tourism there & it'll become crap! 
Beautiful...Amazing..Gr8 gift of nature..Keep up the good work I.E!!!
Why does that remind me of something vaguely edible?
A Alam
aka... God showing off :P :)
Just a bunch of Rastas on their annual pilgrimage! :)
that is awesome. i want to camp out on the top of Litla Dimun and touch the cloud
how awesome is that...i would wana live there
Makes you wonder whats on top.
Mount Rainer usually has a Lenticular cloud and is very beautiful when seen on a sunny day.
This reminds me of a green I'm trying to hit, in a bad dream.
Haha, looks like a cupcake... Excellent shot ... :)
Is the Island"inhabited" because it is "covered" by Clouds?... or because it is remote and small?...Why not to "Swim" till there.... Why not to wait till there and have the Clouds,  as a "Hat" , protecting you from the Sun....... So you Will enjoy the Loneliness of the Island....under the  "new kind of theSun".... which are like an Umbrella of clouds upon your head?.....
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Constantly covered so the aliens are not seen.
aj sem
i like trains
Why am I suddenly craving a Hostess Ho Ho?
The cloud fell out of the sky? WTF...
Nature communing:  water, earth and air
Perfect place for a James Bond villain...
Totally james Bond villain stuff!!
thats awesome...... its Nature .....
Maya M
hello peeps! whats cooking? I need someone to love truly!
This is where you go to get Knights of the Round materia. Takes a golden chocobo to get there. :)
Nature at its awe inspiring finest. Cool. 
donald ngwenya  ; thats beautiful i love it
it shouldn't fall under engineering, because its mother nature's doing
incredible . wow. i just cant describe this marvel
@ R Michael... hahahahahaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
This sort of reminds me of an old Bond villains lair. 
mountain wears a cap... it's beautiful
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"Looks like a majestic hat" is the best part
That's the breath of a gigantic animal, most likely a large unknown primate!
its really amazing,,really god is great!!
Cool photo. 
Looks more like a cap cloud than a lenticular.  Lenticulars usually form at higher altitudes and get their lens-like shape from high winds.
can i have a little bit of syrup on top ???
man life is great to living  to seeing that picture
cool pic man. i wonder how the cloud  shaped the island. cool
dude wait thats my house. You Creeper
this looks really cool. Imagine climbing this rock
Wish I could take a photograph like this in my lifetime! 
If you'll note the colors of blue in the sky and water are different yet both similar hinting that the photo was edited to bring out the different shades not setting a middle ground blue color but that is a common fix that ALL photographers do so it is an exceptionally stellar photo
That would be really kewl to see!
That's just weird, in an awesome kind of way.
change the island name on to: Cupcake Island
Wei Xin
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Wow! Really beautiful....
I like it .... In this hill....
Log B
That is awesome!
Simply awesome. It looks reminiscent of a scene from one of the Final Fantasy games.
Thats how the LORD GOD appeared to the Israelites in the early times when HE communed with them via MOSES his servant got it ?
Wow I sure wish I can go up there I love this kind of stuff!
The space ship is hidden in the cloud.  They can"t fool me.
there's a super villain hide out there.
The amazing things about nature. Never seen anything like this in my life!
It's all natures mysterious feature.It's a very cool island.
+DHRUTHI.L NARAYAN EXCUSE me but there was no need for the extra ................................................. other suggestions would be !!! and :DDD Thank you.
Lovely picture collected lucky to hv it
The right place and the right time, wow nature can deliver beauty when you least expect it.
Wow mother nature sure paints beautiful pictures on a grand scale.
5n picture 9ice nd beutiful at looking
something very fascinating............. to mother nature.
SOOO COOL  wish i was living on that mountin
Very Nice i love that veiw it beautiful 
Nature sheering ech other . Like it . 
I wonder why it is uninhabited?
Amazing.. ideal place for vacation?
wow that's awesome would like to go see it some time
As seen in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. lol
That's an orographic cloud, it's not lenticular in shape, the bottom is flat the top convex, lenticular = top and bottom convex. I see plenty of lenticular clouds where I live near the foot of Mont Ventoux in France. Bill Larkworthy www.lark-in-provence.com
What is that? Donald Trump Island?
Lol, it looks like mother nature is making cupcakes.  XD
Cheeh n chong swiming pool ha ha mov ie. Nice resort i had jast sean a resort well a mosck sek temply with a white cloud about 12meter could not get a pictour dam .pitty 730eveng chimly above would er had to bean a realy good camra west auckland .couply day ago .light strik n heavy rain thounder golly gosh bang woosh could fell vibe off build ings iv pince my self im thnk im still here n spearit ,wow ,
a  unique  creation  with  no  alternative
Blaze it!!..  lol jk
NO... dont do drugs -.-
This is a very interesting picture. Please continue to add more pictures. 
This is a very interesting picture. Please continue to add more pictures. 
nice and the 500th comment!!
Wow how incredible is mother nature..looks amazing..
Siempre tan bella ella la naturaleza
Very nice amazing. remembers me Cape Town, South Africa. There is a flat mountain near the wonderful city, and South africans call it The Table. Quite everydays it'sIt by a clouds blanket that appears in late afternoon. They call it "Towel" and they say: "Table is ready, it's supper time!". I'm sorry I cannot put "it" before "remembers". My iPad is in italian and corrects all I write in the most incredibile italian words. And does not allow me to Come back and re write in the right way.
Wow, spectacular! What a cool shot!
Wonder what it would be like to live there.
i've seen this place its awesome👌
The villagers are smoking their weed.
wow........!!!!!!!wt an awsom scene,its unbelievable 4 me..i would like 2 visit it 1c...great!!!!i like it
looks so weird,thought it was photoshoped.
looks like a great place to live, no traffic.
That is so beautiful and Unique. I Love it.
I'd like to buy a place there to get away from time to time.
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