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Hat-tip to +Luis Rocha not only for fascinating comments in the thread below, but also for pointing us to this picture - Caravaggio's 16th century depiction of Judith beheading Holofernes  as a precursor of some of the bits of rap that one might consider less savoury.

Here's the story: Judith got Holofernes, a Syrian general, drunk, led him to bed and there, at his most vulnerable, beheaded him as shown ( Caravaggio used a prostitute as a model for Judith. Look at her expression - do you see much pity or distress there? Maybe a concern not to get her nice white blouse dirty. 

As +Luis Rocha points out below about Caravaggio, "The commissioned work he created for various churches, was often returned to him with a request that it be repainted in a less sinful manner."

Maybe there are examples of commissioned rap, maybe for commercials, like this - sent back with the request it be toned down?
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Samson and Delilah, Judith and Holofernes, where does it all end?
A prostitute was the model for Judith, who was the model for poor Holofernes?
The many renderings of this legend by Cranach the elder are very interesting too.
Remind me not to upset my girlfriend. 
Strange how some people get their kicks?
'm'lady are you sure he is the right person, I seem to recall the man had blue eyes, this man has brown.'
does anyone ever see this as bifurcated values?
+Versus the women are one, the head and torso are two.
The aesthetic/appearance of the woman represent virtues. The man represents a kingdom, torso and head represent wisdom and power.
As a show of hands, who likes the old woman. and who would not do the beauty. (rhetorical, yet comments r welcome). Peace. 
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