Summit of the Americas - what happened to the liberalisation agenda?

There's real hope that something is moving in the drug prohibition world. There's a great overview of the politics and figures pushing for change in this New York Review of Books blog piece here:
It includes the unlikely figure of a conservative Guatemalan general turned politician and now President who wants to end the war - like "Nixon in China", points out the blog post: if there's going to be change, it has to come from the least likely quarter, because only then is it clear that change is really necessary.

The Summit of the Americas was last week-end, and produced this slight damp-squib as a communique on the drugs question:

So ... all eyes on June 25/26 for the International Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Heads of Specialized National Agencies on the World Drug Problem to be held in Lima, Peru.

(Couple of more video extracts in the pipeline ... uploading has been slow!)
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