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Software company specialized in custom software development.
Software company specialized in custom software development.

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Meet our Team
+Pavel Hriskov introduces Inteleksys: the story of company's growth, its dynamic approach and the variety of projects.

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Павел Хрисков за движението на данни и информация спрямо европейският регламент за защита на личните данни (GDPR).
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GDPR: Трябва ли ни длъжностно лице по сигурността на данните (DPO)?
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Android O DP4 is live!

You may be eager to hop on that beta train to see what's coming with the final O release #soon. I've got a few Frequently Asked Questions that I've seen asked in the beta community over (and over!) the past few months; you should probably give them a read before you decide to jump in:

Should I install DP4 on my daily driver?
If you have to ask, probably not. While the fourth Developer Preview should have resolved many of the issues from the previous betas, there are bound to be a few lingering problems (and possibly some new ones). Wait for the official release in a month or so if you rely upon your phone for work, don't have a backup device you can use in a pinch, and/or aren't comfortable troubleshooting some potentially show-stopping issues. Keep in mind that downgrading from the beta before the official release will require a data wipe, and a factory reset is often a necessary troubleshooting step as well. It's easy to opt-in to the beta, but may require significantly more work to get out of it if you find it unsuitable for your needs.

I opted in to the preview but haven't received the update yet. What do?
It can take a bit of time for the update to be made available to new users. Spend some time making sure that you have all your important data backed up and the update should arrive before too long. Patience is key here.

I un-enrolled from the beta but haven't received the downgrade OTA. What do?
It can sometimes take up to a day or more to receive the downgrade OTA. If it still hasn't arrived after 48 hours, try re-enrolling and un-enrolling again to see if that can jog things along.

I installed the preview, but now my favorite/must-have apps don't work. What do?
A good first step is to clear the cache and data for the affected app(s). If that doesn't help, a factory reset may be in order - but is not guaranteed to fix the issue. If a fresh install doesn't help, your only recourse is to contact the app's developer and let them know of the problem so they can hopefully work on a solution. Developers have to update their apps to be compatible with the new APIs; this isn't something Google can do for them.

I'm on the latest preview but it says I don't have the latest security patch. What do?
The beta program operates independently of the monthly security patches. Previews generally include the previous month's security fixes, but may not always be up-to-date for the current month. If you need the latest security patches, stay on the release version.

I installed the preview, but <feature present in an earlier preview> isn't there. What do?
The previews are in a state of flux up until the official O release. There's no guarantee that features available at the start will make the final cut. As noted in the System UI Tuner page, These experimental features may change, break, or disappear in future releases. Proceed with caution.

I'm having trouble with <issue>. Where can I go for support?
The Developer Previews are only supported through the official Android Beta Program community here on Google+: Keep in mind that this is still a developer-oriented program, so you will be expected to be able to perform basic troubleshooting steps on your own. The members of the community are happy to help where they can, but you'll need to be sure to provide as much information as possible so that they can do so.

I found a bug. Where can I report it?
Information on viewing/submitting bugs can be found here:

When/how can I get O on my device?
Pixels and recent Nexus devices can easily opt-in at No other devices are supported by Google's Android Beta Program. You'll need to contact your device's manufacturer to inquire about any available beta opportunities. If you post in the beta community about other devices, your post will likely be removed. Ask me how I know.
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New on Android: O Developer Preview
Posted by: Dave Burke, VP of Engineering

"With billions of Android devices around the world, Android has surpassed our wildest expectations. Today at Google I/O, we showcased a number of ways we’re pushing Android forward, with the O Release, new tools for developers to help create more performant apps, and an early preview of a project we call Android Go -- a new experience that we’re building for entry-level devices"
#AndroidTips #io17
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There's no denying it, selfies have become a part of everyday life for many people. There's the the car selfie, the cute-outfit selfie, the travel selfie, and even the I-woke-up-like-this selfie-- people are taking, sharing, and viewing more selfies than ever. That's why, Google is rolling out an update to Google Allo that introduces a feature which can turn your selfies into a personalized sticker pack.

Simply snap a selfie, and Google will use a combination of neural networks and the work of various artists ( Lamar Abrams, Koji Ashida, Forrester Cole, Jennifer Daniel, Shiraz Fuman, Dilip Krishnan, Inbar Mosseri, Aaron Sarna, and Bhavik Singh) to automatically generate an illustrated version of you. Overall, there are 563 quadrillion potential combinations, so there's a good chance the algorithm will be able to put together an image that looks similar to you. When your illustrated selfie is finished generating, there will be a few customization options to help you personalize the sticker even further.

Since there is no such thing as a "universal aesthetic," Google wants to make sure that the stickers represent a particular side or theme of people. Therefore, the first sticker pack will "speak to your sarcastic side," but others in the future may be more cute for those sincere moments, or they may just turn you into a dog.

This feature is should be rolling out now to Allo users on Android. It will be available "soon" for Allo users on iOS.

#Android #GoogleAllo
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Inteleksys Solutions Intro
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Summer Travel with Android
Just in time for summer travel, #GoogleTrips now lets you track reservations and easily share them with friends →
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Android Research Study
Your feedback helps us build products you'll love—sign up to join an #Android user experience research study →
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