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3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors have finally arrived! The new processors are the first chips in the world made using Intel’s 22-nanometer (nm) 3-D tri-Gate transistor technology. Click to learn more -
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I was desperately waiting for the release so that I could my hands on the i7 - 3770K.....BUT the overclocking reviews in tom's and anandtech asserts IB's oc capabilities is << SB's..... SB or IB?.. I own a core 2 duo right now.
ahahah this is funny, it seems a video for kids but at least I could understand something easily.. the phone is an android one? ;)
I will buy one know if you let me. Paper Launch = lies.
Why fiction is required to make this understand? I felt that this video is made for kids not for adults...I did not expect this type of time wastage on watching about new product from Intel, I am totally annoyed by the presentation. Kindly share some sensible and serious stuff...
sound great! hopefully it works great as well.
Is it subjective to think not enough is happening with knowledge applications? Or that is, 'applications applications' and the like? For example, consider my typological system posted earlier.
5% to 15% increase in CPU performance
20% to 50% increase in integrated GPU performance
...nothing special
Those things cost like 4 billion dollars LOL
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