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63% of people would rather give up chocolate over their phone. What would you rather give up?
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Kun Li
Big heavy desktop
I won't give up my #intel chipset for #amd either!!!
internet, phone, my life so another may live...
chocolate. technology has become apart of our everyday lives, I don't see how I could give that up over chocolate which i only eat maybe once a week anyway...especially since there are plenty of other sweet snacks out there :)
Sorry the phones would have to go. And I would like to know how many of the 63% measured were men. LOL Cause all the females I know who love chocolate would do the same. I only know 2 women who don't like chocolate. And I know only a couple of men who love chocolate enough to give up their phones.
I would rather give up 63% of other people's chocolate.
3339 texts a month on average for teens? 111 texts a day? Bullsh!t.
I bet some guy out there would say he'd rather give up his wife over the phone
I know this is supposed to make us want a phone that will help us do all these things better...but it's just ending up scaring me!
I do not have a phone (and have not had one in over 4 years), which means by default I rather give the phone up above all other options +Intel :)
Caffeine or chocolate, maybe. But the others just show the obsession of this generation.
not a fan of phone. but would give up my president any time before losing my phone.
Sorry, but the phone would have to go...
I use my phone about once a week. I eat chocolate about once a week. On that basis, it's a toss-up.
But I like having a cell phone at work, for emergencies. (I work out in the woods, it's not like anyone's within shouting distance if I get hurt or my truck breaks down.) So I would keep the phone.
I'd give up my soul. Who needs a soul anyways, Right?
I would give up cable TV and have done just that to have a smartphone
Heresy! I refuse to give up the 5th Food Group!
Mike O
AIO. I would give that up real fast. ThinITX can stay. Long live the desktop PC!
21% would give up shoes? Maybe I would give up shoes if I lived in Hawaii, but then i would give up my phone too.
I already gave up chocolate and stick with my phone (for training purposes)
I have a "Corporate Blackberry" I would give IT up for a stone tablet and chisel!
I would give up chips and dip (^•^)
I really like the idea that phones will be coming out with fast intel processors.
Chocolates.... NO way !!!! Phone....... hell no....... Next question please :-P
I would buy a bike, screw techbology. We are living more and more unhealthy!
the good thing is that we can have bikes AND smartphones...
I would certainly, give up........... The chocolate, My Galaxy S2, NEVER!
I'd give up my TV and laptop before my phone; It's more powerful than both combined.
+Kevin Laffey I am a fairly average teen with about 20 contacts, and i send maybe 100 texts a MONTH... to my PARENTS. Where did this data come from?
I have a hard time giving anything up, so... neither.
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