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The first smartphone with Intel inside, XOLO X900, is here! Intel-based #XOLO X900 from #LAVAMobile features Atom processor Z2460, 4.03-inch high-res LCD touch screen, 8 MP camera, 1080p HD video, Android and more.
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Gingerbread?! Last year's OS? please..... :X
Gotta enter the market with something stronger intel. Seriously.
When you have a cellphone with i7, I might buy it, but so far I have my computer. (Good job anyway :D)
This phone is being released in India (Lava is one of India's largest carriers) most of the people over there are still using the 'old' phones without touchscreens. Not to mention the incredible price its being offered for. However, for those of you that aren't impressed, just wait for Lenovo's phone powered by Intel. :)
Congratulation +Intel, the first step is done, next step will be to convert all the +Google Play apps from native ARM code to x86 instruction set, sincerely good luck with that.
i just have one question about the camera, does the burst mode support full resolution (3264x2448)?, if yes then i'm officially amazed.
question... why is it running just Gingerbread...
I hope this device compatible with ubuntu linux
the record high is 25 degrees?
where is the phone, Antarctica?
OS will change soon via an OTA update to Android 4.0 ICS...
+Kiriaki Tsafou i know i know i saw the article, but what i was trying to say is if there is no precize schedule then it's simply Infinity, well of course not that infinite.
don't you remember the other companys case such as Samsung Acer..... you can also add AT&T and vodafone with their personal roms (Delay after Delay).
Is it coming to the US? When? How much? Looks very interesting!
Eh. Never heard of the company, would definitley get it if it was made by htc or samsung. Maybe the galaxy s 3 will have dual core intel cpu.
+Robert Szczepanski FYI, iPhone4S's performance for Internet use: Up to 6 hours on 3G, I found it on Apple website as well. Not sure if they use same method for evaluating those parameters...or any industrial standards exist for those method.
USD 422 ... Seems a good deal compared to Galaxy S2 which sells for USD 550+ in India.
+Zhicong Deng Think, they have beta tester that test it, i am test Smartphones one month the bluetooth compatibility with VW Car Computer. The #Motorolla #razrmaxx have 3300 mAh that is what were better than only a hours Data :)
Looking sick keep up the good work :)
It will be truly interesting to see if the intels have any perfromance advantages over other andriod phones which run other platforms.
+Intel : I have a question concerning the x86 compatbility of these new strongarm processors compared to other processors currently on the market. Will they emulate x86 code from intel processors 386+ better than other ARM ad similiar processors. I had a pocketpc with a strongarm processors 10years ago which seemed to do a good job of emulating x86 code. The primary purpose of doing would be to run older x86 apps on intel strongarm phone.
Regards Richard
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