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What's a UNO and how did it start? Canadian inventor and entrepreneur Ben Gulak is keynoting at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2012 (Intel ISEF). Did you know his first product playground were local science fairs? Check him out riding one of his inventions, the electric motorcycle “the Uno.” Learn more about Intel #ISEF here -
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"Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights"

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I would absolutely give this a go.
I am going to get that thing it is freaking awesome!!
cool but looks uncomfortable :P
I'm looking to do something else like a bicycle, so I can move silently through the city;)
looks wild, but useless. basically a segway you sit on and a low powered electric scooter
Totally Joey. Make it fly indeed!
some old man got runover on his segway and now we have this..
i feel sorry for the old man thats gunna crash this one
interesting but just on lol. its a motunocycle certainly a great design but highly not practical especially in the UK they would ban it. people would ride it stupid crazy and kill them selfs as well as others. its a bike rally have fun thing this would kill people on public roads.
Fun proof of concept. Impractical vehicle.
it has two wheels... why did they name it uno???
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Soo sick u can make me one?????Im bout to be in the 6th grade???
transformer cool.... unicycle one not so much...
All I have to say to this whole transforming unicycle is...... Make it, then sell it to me.
Ha! Ha! If i ever see anybody out on the highway on one of these i'm going to do a burnout on my gsxr 1000 and leave them in a cloud of smoke!
Omg I want to see one of those on a high way
ya so...... when do they come out with it?????... probobly going to sit and look at it for years to come!!!!!!!!!!
anda bangladesh cop... riding an uno looks lyke head to head
I honestly don't think this is something people will buy. It's more of a cool little project, but not something people will use daily. I was fairly disappointed the Dragons didn't see it, but this really is a novelty item.
Lets do less walking everybody, when we're all fat we won't be able to ride one of those..... 
Its different...good for parking and people with no room in the garage
jason v
i would buy that
If I had one of those as soon as i sat on it i would fall right off of it! Haha
That look cool too have ! I'm getting me one .
ladies and gentlemen the future is here. I can't wait till that bad boy goes on the market I hope it goes just as fast as a reglar sport bike
Cool. But I find it hard to believe that it will ever make it to market. But still cool all the same fantastic! lolz..
That's dope. I'd definitely get one! 
I like it , it is very unique and different!
OMG i want one they look so cool but uncomfortable. 
it is a very fun game to play with my family
That is so cool I wish I had one!!
C. Good
i disagree with that hypothesis
Why?? How does it make the motorcycle better?
Loud pipes save lives. Wouldn't tempt me from my Ducati Multistrada.
I throwing money at my screen but nothing is happening!
way coolbut nascar still wins bitch!!!!!!!!!!!
UNO spanish for 1 or Italian for 1 too
that looks delicious carlos i might just add u 4 that
Bacon is awesome right!
Why does it just look like a motorcycle? That's not very UNO. I don't get it. It seems like they're trying to salvage the idea.
The gyroscope is the corner stone for this monocycle. And the. I saw a wheelchair like that on Japan it was built on the invention of the gyroscope
Lol, I learned about it from popsci! I knew it had more than 1 wheel, but then on a video I saw in school, someone said it only had 1 wheel, I could see more than 1 wheel in the image, and here we see that it actually have multiple wheels! ;-)
does it come in other colours
That is a cool idea :) and seems like a nice bike
M. Naim
i wan this bike where i can get them? can you give me information?
M. Naim
come on give information?
Its innovative, does anyone know the name of the background soundtrack?
Why would anybody buy this thing after the Segway disaster?!? I just saw an old Dragon's Den and shook my head after they all got excited about it. It's no fun whatsoever riding this thing in "Segway-mode" and that's not gonna change. Cornering sucks and there's no way they can fix it, It's not out yet! After 6 or 7 years of development? That means one thing: It's way too complicated and simply a fail. There's no new technology involved. It's all about getting the software right. A few nerds will try it and that's it. Who else would sit on a joke like that? You ride around going 20mph or whatever while it looks like a real 200 mph-motorbike! I wonder what the Dragon's got for their deal. I guess he invested the money to build a factory for the Shredder. The Dragon's may not see any money from that!
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