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Intel Gangnam Style Indeed!: Robot Dances Like PSY.
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Video not made available in India. Can't watch. 
um..they really did that lol. Gangnam style is everywhere!!
Ehem... 'Gundam style' if you would all pardon the pun.
Expressive and impressive, but now we want to see v2.0 which gets its feet off the floor in a nice trot :)
thats amazing
mus thave taken so long to program
impressive, of course, but I don't know if I'd call this quite analogous to human dancing yet... the 'ride the invisible horse' move and others that require dextrous hopping motions are rather lackluster.  Excellent smooth joint motion and swift transitions between precise postures though!
U could program a robot 2 help people with unmanageable tasks but no u make it do a weetard dance
Impressive, but the Japanese Honda Asimo robot was doing much more complex dance moves (and not just standing in place) at least half a decade ago.
I could only take 6 seconds of it!
its just so funny to watch him bounce!
i agree with anthony silva on this one
and.. that's why robots will kill us in the future... and we deserve it.
Sure it's cool, but can he do the robot?
Qrio and Azimo can do better.   Try again boys...
lol word and then they say why shit happens
I can't remember who in my peripheral circles said it, but.

WHY THE F IS "not available on mobile" EVEN AN OPTION ANYMORE?!
Awesome! But can he transform in to a truck and drive away
Make it available on mobile phones

needs to be done a little bit faster but still really cool
I suppose that's one way to spend your time haha
i agree with you bob its the best robot video ever
Piece of plastic dancing....cray
haha we'll look back and laugh but for now this is hella cool!
inspiration for the next generation of engineers
Tom Tac
It does have the moves: both the "1, 1, 1 and 2" beat and the "swirl your arm over your head" thing.  And it does this without falling over (there is another video queued up afterwards in which they try to knock it over).  But it can't do the sideways footwork.  I saw it stretch up tall for the "slender man" sequence. Just glad it didn't do the "elevator guy" thrusting.  I didn't know Virginia Tech had a robotics program.
That was so awesome. We are coming so far from boxes with wheels. Good job guys and more faith to you in the future. :)
I'll be impressed when it can do the lambada, the forbidden dance.
Eul Cam
Of you're going to post it on Google+, you need to make it available for mobile viewing... Intel still not getting mobile!!!
Well, I'm not sure it is "Gangnam Style" without the prancing, but then again humans have had a few million more years to work on it, and still haven't mastered fancy footwork, as numerous YouTube videos will attest. So, good on ya, CHARLI!
Will k
find more like this
+Eul Cam it works on my phone just fine. Does your phone support flash?
It is now available on mobile?
+1 for GEMA
How needs an addblocker if GEMA is watching...
i bet it was created by a PSYentist!!!
glad to see Intel is putting money to good use! this is freaking awesome!
Eul Cam
+Miles Jones HTC EVO Design, from Flipboard launched into the YouTube app and from the Google+ app which sends me into the player in the browser. I'm told "the owner has not made this available on mobile, add to playlist to watch later on pc" 
I find it wasteful but awesome at the same time.  At least the money is going to better use than apples.  Intel is awesome
+Eul Cam Crap dude I am sorry. I have A myTouch 4G slide and I viewed it fine through my browser. 
Awesome. With intel's engineering, this can go far.
Now that's a great use of technology there.
we know what happens next.... terminator 2 thanks for the preview
Real Robot dancing! Sweet!
Have they not invented robots that can have both feet off the floor at the same time?
GUSTAV! Buy me one of these robots aaaAAAT ONCE!!!!
Stacy S
Not available on mobile.
Awesome video!! I want that robot
Dayum that robot çan dance better then me 
i want one of those. to clean my room
I totally wanted to see it jump around. I am disappoint
hey ppl sub to anurag.gillella
nice to watch but it's getting in my head this version
kinda awesome, kinda scary. 
رقصیدن رباط ها را دیدم البته نه در اینترنت بلکه در تلویزیون. باید بگویم جالب بود ولی بهتر از این هم میشود باشد چیزیکه خیلی خوب و قابل تقدیر بود رباط های انسانی هستند که میتوانند روی دو پا و یک پا بایستند چون راه رفتن انسان بسیار کار سختی است و برای شبیه سازی آن برای داشتن تعادل باید پردازنده قوی و سریع بکار رود تا بتواند آیتمهای زیادی را محاسبه کند و مانند مغز انسان تعادل بدن خود را حفظ کند شاید مردم فقط شیرینکاری و رقص را ببینند ولی همین راه رفتن انسان که ما آنرا براحتی انجام میدهیم و اکثر مردم حتی در شاید یکبار هم به فرآیند راه رفتن خودشان و پیچیده بودن آن به لحاظ فنی و علمی فکر نمیکند وقتی به یک رباط آدم نما که راه میرود و میرقصد نگاهی ساده دارند و آنرا پیش پا افتاده میدانند و فقط از جنبه بصری و هنری و لذت به آن نگاه میکنند و نمیدانند که چند سال بشر تلاش کرد تا بتواند راه رفتن انسان را توسط رباط را شبیه سازی کند و ایجاد کند و وقتی این را نمیدانند ارزش فنی یک رباط رقاص را نمیفهمند.
L Derby
Enough with gangnam style!!
I am here to kill John Carter. Not dace like this. What the heck intel?
this is why there laptops are so bad! they use all there time making dumb robots, and forget that they make computers!
That was kind of lame. I can create something better than that. Check it out.
Why are there YouTube videos that have mobile restrictions.
Not available on mobile +Intel ? Do you not know what direction the world is headed in?
Yeah that is fine and dandy but can he Shuffle?
Not available on mobile? First time I've seen that... 
Op op op oppa gangnam style
One step closer to robotic humiliation, but I love it !
Of all the amazing things we could do with such a powerful robot, we choose Gangam Style? Psy...
+Matt R. Really? Have you been paying attention to America? 

(P.S. I'm counting all of America, that southern part of it is nuts...not sure if you meant it that way but you said it as such.)
the robot alomost looks fake
I need one for my girlfriend  to dance with,,so she will get off my back
Then when it's done dancing, it's first words would either be:

"By your command." Or...
"I need your clothes, and your boots..."
The robot seems of Having Life. Very Amuse Dance
I can't believe I actually spent time watching this SMH
Yeah, it's official he, he does it better than me.
Judgement day is gonna be a little more corny than I originally thought...
So funny also cool that Virginia Tech made that.

Curious as to why this video was blocked from mobile access. 
I know I recognized that robot somewhere! LET'S GO HOKIEESS!!!!
I thought they killed all of those in the star wars movies !
Why is this even a thing?  Hilarious though.
Proof that Psy is in fact - a robot.
for high speed vlsi micro processor
Wow...Very cool, the days of iRobot is not far off...
Robot dances like a white person dancing like PSY

FTFY intel.
haha funny, though I'm a bit greedy for entertainment and wanted its legs to dance full on :)
The robert's imitation was so good, I almost mistook him for the real PSY.
Jokes aside, that's pretty awesome.
Nah... the bow-legged hopping part IS the whole gangnam-style thing...

I mean... it's a cool start... but still


ALL-most! just a bit more work!
Well, I Can't Freakin' Watch It Because "The owner has not made this video available on mobile".

Can't Even Watch A Damn Robot Dance Nowadays. Lol
Kind of scary actually, knowing that we're one step closer to Terminator.
so wierd, i only like the robot, hate the song.
grr8 scott ... science is getting advanced ... need to stick this guy inside my time circuits!
Link Lo
it needs to jump...
Ok cool, now destroy it before it gains artifical inteligence.
duuuude thats awesome
Who could possibly not like Gangnam style?
cool yet creepy..   has an iRobot feel...
... really? Not available on mobile?
so we spent millions to make this ^ just so it can do this^ -__- and in Africa kids die caz they dont have clean water! good juo humanity! we r the best!!!!!!!!!
Huh? Akhirnya intel memiliki inspirasi daru PSY? Naaaah. Mungkin hanya sebuah tren, ya?
movements are kinda off, but still... GREAT JOB!
Wow every time I see a new video on any of these robots they just floor me on how they keep improving. Soon Heinlein's predictions will seem more fact than fiction.  
i guess robots are better than us at everything LOL
I hope that when our entire civilization is wiped out by an asteroid, the only thing that remains is this video.  That would really screw with the alien archaeologists who show up thousands of years later!
What a waste of science. I guess it's good they they're doing something, but I mean c'mon scrap the mars rover and send this guy to talk to aliens or something!!!
I think the robot's better than me. :-]
JUST when i thought i'd seen ALL the versions of this song!!
Nerdiest thing ever.perfect!!
Sick this fucking song !! Glad was not in English 
Swim Good
Video not Available on mobile.. :-( 
that is so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robot ma Rajneekant ha kaya......
Its lame.. there is a hop between the steps it looks like the robot is just lifting it's ankles. PASS!
Jesse S
The Robot has a solid fist pump most of the white guy comfort zone down 
Isaac Asimov just rolled over in his grave.  
+Carlos Nungaray Take what you can, my good sir! Just throw some more money at these guys, and I'm sure they'll have a legion of these machines doing the dance exactly like the video in a matter of months! Or one can hope at least.
The robot needs some springs in his foot to do that but its good
It's was fun to see who will be here after were gone.
I am so f'ing sick of gangnam style. Lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do something that actually matters and maybe I'll give a crap. The fact that you have people wasting their time on this makes me not want to invest in you 
Thats pretty good actually (for a robot)
this show's that music brings life in machine too.
Better dancer than me, :0)
I would to know if this robot can shuffle? :o)
Nice robot...i`m lovin` it...
Can't watch the video on mobile devices? WTF? Who does that?
PSY should feature this robot in one of his future videos.
Not available on mobile. What age are you living in Intel?
Can the robot turn around and shoot himself in the head
Im give him gun-2 but not robot-2
I never knew robots could be this active...
Great works guys!
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