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In a rare joint interview, +Intel legends, Gordon Moore and Andy Grove discussed the early days of Intel as a start up, revamping the business, and what they think of the current crop of Silicon Valley techies.
In Silicon Valley, the spotlight is often on young entrepreneurs with fresh ideas that will change the world. But for decades, two titans of the tech world thrived in the fast-paced industry: legendar...
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+Intel inside
I wish +Intel technology will come soon to mobile phone. So i can push my phone to no limit like i had done with my old thinkpad
Seriously, most people just focus on startups or limelight companies like Facebook, Microsoft and ... well Google is worth focusing on. :D

But that is besides the point. What we forget that the 'old days' did not see such a rapid pace of technology advancement and the fact that Intel has made itself last and is competing successfully in the processor range tells us of the astounding foresight and hard work that is founders have put into it, to keep it abreast of other companies, but still working behind the scenes. Hats off to Intel.
Tell Lisa Marie Presley I said hi umm Elvis Presley ring a bell.
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