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I went to a Salt Lake Estate Planning Council monthly luncheon today and the topic was taxes. I went into the meeting thinking it was going to be an absolute bore. The speaker began with a story about toilet paper. I wasn't sure where he was going to go with that topic, but he said, "Life is like a roll of toilet paper - it goes faster the closer you get to the end."
I couldn't help but think about how fast life seems to pass and how important it is to actively plan and control what in life is actually controllable. The speaker continued to discuss how we can try to minimize taxes and expressed the need for people to actively plan their estates. I agree with his thoughts and think that not only does life go faster the older we get but when I get to the end of the toilet paper roll - I desperately want to find another roll.
If you want to chat about your estate planning needs, give me a call but please do so before your toilet paper runs out.

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As a practicing estate planning and elder law attorney in Tooele I've had the opportunity to witness first hand the comfort and peace of mind that estate planning provides. I believe planning for incapacity is just as important as planning for death. I believe people procrastinate estate planning because they don’t realize it’s easy and affordable. 

Estate planning can be the way one obtains the peace of mind knowing that if they become incapacitated or die that their loved ones don’t have the burden of making important decisions during their grievance process. 

Why do your estate planning – because the peace of mind is easier and more affordable than you might imagine. How to begin? What documents to gather? Give me (Bryan) at Integrity Law a call at (435) 277-0529 and I’ll help you achieve the peace of mind associated with having your estate plan completed easier and more affordable than imagined.

We do free consultations at 7 S Main St #316 Tooele, UT or can visit you in your home.

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Get your life back! One of the first things I look at when one calls regarding bankruptcy is whether you’ll qualify for a Chapter 7. In May 2015, the means test numbers changed to the following (meaning you generally need to be earn less than these numbers for a family of your size)

1 person: $52,865
2 people: $59,546
3 people: $67,632
4 people: $73,446
5 people: $81,546
6 people: $89,646

These numbers though helpful are just the beginning… give me (Bryan) a call at Integrity Law (435) 277-0529 and we’ll discuss why bankruptcy may/may not be helpful and how/what to do next. We can schedule a free consultation at 7 S Main #316 Tooele UT 

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Having practiced bankruptcy law in Tooele over the past three years I've seen first hand the desire my clients have to get out of debt. Constant creditor phone calls creates ingenuity on behalf of the debtor in finding ways to pay obligations. I believe people consider bankruptcy only after ingenuity is overwhelmed by lack of time and resources. I believe people wait too long before trying to get their lives back. I believe we all deserve a second chance. 

Bankruptcy can be the way one gets their life back. Bankruptcy is easier and less painful than one might imagine and much better for one’s family than having both parents working day and night to pay medical bills, deficiencies on repossessed cars, etc. 

Why consider bankruptcy - because you owe it to yourself and your family to find out how to get your financial life back. How to file bankruptcy? What is the next step? Call me (Bryan) at Integrity Law (435) 277-0529 and I’ll do a free initial consultation to discuss getting your life back!

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As tax time rolls around I believe it's a good time to review one's overall financial situation and set goals for the upcoming year. For many, tax time reminds them of their considerable debt owed to creditors. Unfortunately many don’t consider bankruptcy as a part of the solution due to the stigma of bankruptcy. If one’s debts have grown so much that one’s family is suffering I believe the damage done to families is greater than the damage done to one’s credit after filing bankruptcy. In short, living in debt is more detrimental to family relationships than bankruptcy ever could be. 

I've met with hundreds of families to discuss personal finance and sometimes ones debt to income ratio leads me to suggest bankruptcy though often they do not. The problem is many do not consider bankruptcy as part of the solution until their family has suffered immeasurably under the personal and psychological burdens of debt and creditor harassment.

I offer a free personal finance consultation (more than just the aspects of bankruptcy are discussed – jobs, savings, education, etc.) where we can go through your debts, income, find ways to cut, cut, cut, and then determine whether bankruptcy is part of the solution.  

Determining whether bankruptcy is right is only the beginning of one’s personal financial planning. In my opinion, one’s largest asset is their family and an estate planning via a will, trust, power of attorney, health care directives, etc. always provide perspective and focus for continuing asset growth through savings, earnings and future growth through bankruptcy if needed. If possible (no conflicts) I provide estate planning services as a pro-bono service for those that file bankruptcy with my office because of the future perspective and hope it provides to those with a fresh financial start.

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One of the first questions I'm asked as a Tooele bankruptcy attorney is do I qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy? In most cases in order to qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy one must pass the Utah means test. In May 2014 the bankruptcy means test numbers increased to the following:

1 person: $50,070
2 people: $58,580
3 people: $66,268
4 people: $71,204
5 people: $79,304
6 people: $87,404

There is a lot more to chapter 7 than simply knowing whether one qualifies under the means test but it is a good staring point. If one does not qualify they can take the full means test and/or consider filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Since opening my Tooele Estate Planning practice two years ago I've had fun meeting with Tooele residents regarding their estate plans. Because I get asked about the pros/cons and benefits of estate planning I decided to give a short answer here on My Google Business.

What documents constitute an estate plan? Every estate plan should include an Utah Advance Directive, Powers of Attorney - Finance & Health, a Will, and in many cases a Trust. 

What are the benefits of an estate plan? The main benefit to having an estate plan is peace of mind. It's been said that one without an estate plan chooses the state's plan which can be one-size fits none.

Incapacity: Nobody plans on becoming incapacitated and if it occurs having an estate plan ensures your wishes are known and authorized representatives can carry out your wishes. 

Guardianship:  Individuals or couples with children can use a guardianship provision in a will that will serve as an invaluable suggestion to the probate court as to who you wish to raise your children in your absence. What's more, a guardianship provision is essential if you wish a friend to raise your children in lieu of family.

Estate Taxes: This is an area that is discussed at length online but applies to individuals facing gift, estate or generation skipping taxes with estates worth $5.34 million that could be taxed at 40%.

Property:  If one owns property in more than one state they will have to do an ancillary probate in each state where the property resides.

Privacy:  Estate planning with a living trust avoids probate and the public disclosure of one's assets

Business: Often one's business may push them into estate tax areas where irrevocable life insurance trusts and irrevocable trusts may be beneficial.

Estate planning has a lot of benefits!

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It seems like there have been several car accidents in Tooele County in the past few weeks. Our hearts go out to the injured individuals and their families. 

At Integrity Law, we have represented Tooele residents that have been in car accidents and negotiated with insurance companies that are unwilling to pay individuals what they deserve. At Integrity Law we take your case seriously and thus can't stress the importance of having a Tooele personal injury attorney on your side! 
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