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'My goal is to provide bodywork that honors the body, mind, and heart of each client’
'My goal is to provide bodywork that honors the body, mind, and heart of each client’

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Read how our massage therapy services can help treat depression!

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Read up on the types of massages we offer and the health benefits they provide!

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Types of Massage Therapy

If you have never taken a therapeutic massage in your lifetime, you probably have no idea that each type of massage therapy is customized based on the needs of the patient. There are different conditions that it tackles such as improving the circulation, digestion, speedy treatment of injury and relieving of muscle ache. To help you choose from the huge selection of therapeutic massages here is a rundown of the most popular massage therapy and their benefits.

Types of Therapeutic Massage and Their Benefits

The needs of a person on therapeutic massage are contingent upon a lot of things. The needs of a person can also quickly shift from day to day. Integrative Approach is highly aware of it. That is why they are offering a vast selection of massage therapy that will address the need of their patient.

Trigger Point Therapeutic Massage

The trigger point is an area within the muscle tissue that is the primary source of pain. The trigger point that can be found in our back can create a severe pain in our neck. The neck can magnify the pain and cause a serious headache. By putting pressure on the Trigger point, the massage therapist will be able to release the pressure that is isolated in that area. Once the pressure is released, the pain will be alleviated and create a noticeable comfort after the therapy.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage treatment is the methodology that rings a bell when many people consider getting a massage. It is the best-known kind of bodywork that is prevalent today. One of the essential objectives of the Swedish massage is to place the entire body into a relaxing state. This can be accomplished by putting pressure on the muscles with long skimming strokes towards the direction of the blood circulation. Swedish massage is more than just giving a comfort. It can also expand the amount of oxygen found in our blood, diminishing toxins, enhancing flow and adaptability while alleviating stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage can be compared with the technique of Swedish massage, but more pressure is applied on our body. This is suitable releasing the stress found in the deepest tissue of our muscle. It is also great for maintaining an optimum level of blood pressure.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is tailored specifically for the athletes. It can speed-up the regeneration process in the event that they acquired sport injuries. It can also prevent them from acquiring possible injury during the game that might affect their performance during competitive sports.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is about applying pressure to specific pressure points that can address a certain problem on a specific part of our body. Based on the study of the old civilization wherein they believe that applying a tension on a pressure point can cure disease.

Integrative Approach also offers different kind of massage such as geriatric service, prenatal massage, Cranial Sacral treatment, and reflexology.

Benefits of Myofascial Release

Suffering daily from pain or loss of flexibility in your joints can be quite detrimental to your daily routine and quality of life. Because of this, finding a solution to treat these issues can be beneficial to restoring you back to full physical form.

What is Myofascial Release

Myofascial release therapy works to release muscular tightness and shortness in the body. It is a safe hand on therapy that uses the gentle pressure into the myofascial connective tissues to help relieve and eliminate pain and restore flexibility and motion to those areas. Myofascial release therapy is similar to a deep tissue massage, or therapeutic massage. Day spas in local NY Woodstock, NY Kingston, NY Tannersville, NY Catskill, and NY Hudson Valley all provide therapeutic myofascial release therapy.

Why Myofascial Release?

The use of this form of massage therapy allows a massage therapist to look at their patient individually. The one-on-one therapy massage uses a variety of myofascial release methods as well as deep tissue massage techniques. By promoting the education of how the body moves, teaching self-treatment methods, as well as enhancing strength and flexibility in the body, patients can learn to lead a healthy active life once again.

Decrease in Pain

Myofascial release works to relieve the body from pain and tightness in the muscles and surrounding areas. Similar to the methods used in Thai massage and Swedish massage, myofascial release will allow your body to heal by enabling blood flow to the nerve receptors to allow them to work much more efficiently. Additionally, the body will begin to release endorphins which have been called the body’s pain killers. This can help to eliminate the use of any prescription drugs to manage pain levels.
Boost Your Immune System

The immune system in your body is your first defense against any infections or injuries. When you have pulls in your fascia (myofascial tissue), your immune system may begin to become sluggish and not work as well. By removing these pulls, your immune system can begin circulating the lymph throughout your body properly which will begin to speed up any recovery from illnesses and injuries.


When you experience pain and a decrease in flexibility this can affect how you live your day to day life. Everything from going to work and spending time with the family becomes a chore and difficult to complete. Take the time to invest in a treatment method that can not only offer you relief but help you to learn how your body works and how to treat any additional pain you experience in the future. Establishing a treatment method can help provide you with a better overall quality of life.

Integrative Approach Massage Therapy & Wellness is a business running in Woodstock, Saugerties, Hudson, Tannersville and Windham. They provide Day Spa facilities, where you can have a Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage or Trigger Point Therapy.  They have been in the industry for many years and they are experts in their field. They have skilled staff who provide specific individually tailored massages that are perfect for your requirements. A wide variety of different massages are offered, after time has first been taken to consult with each individual to find out their needs, and to take into account any details of injuries current or past A massage can improve a person’s physical and mental well being, so that they feel rejuvenated in body and mind. The Integrative Approach of the business means that you get the very best aspects of different massage types and wellness therapies applied to you, so that you reap the benefits of years of tradition and experience from around the world.
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#FunFactFriday - Massage therapy for athletes was first televised at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

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Quote of the day: “Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” - Mother Teresa
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