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The first instant full-featured website and mobile app CRM engineered exclusively for auto repair professionals
The first instant full-featured website and mobile app CRM engineered exclusively for auto repair professionals

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#MyInstantSite Version 3.0 is almost here for #autoshopowners

But first here's a note from our founder

Before we could release the exciting #MyInstantSite Version 3.0 our team had to get creative. Simply put, they've been working simultaneously on the "MyInstantSite" app while also improving each of our client's #custommobileapps too. our loyal #autorepairshop clients you'll be seeing your #custommobileapp that your customers enjoy get updated to Version 4.0 first.

Now admittedly, we did not invent something as cool as a self-driving car in version 4.0. However, as far as updates go we did squash a way more bugs then normal, and made countless minor improvements.

But, before we get into too much detail that will put you to sleep here's a couple dazzling new features your customers are sure to love.

Dazzling Feature #1:
- Your customer often have a question about their vehicle that needs answered ASAP, right?
Now on any Android or Apple device they can chat with your expert team via text message or live 2-way chat, all without even leaving your app.

Dazzling Feature #2:
- Your customers are tired of playing phone tag, or not knowing how far along progress is on their vehicle, right?
Now wherever they are; in the lobby, at home, or back at work they can get live updates from you via text message or 2-way live chat, all without even dialing the phone.

Here's the download of the demo #custommobileapp
Note: Version 4.0 will be here officially in just a few days.

Download on Android/Google Device:

Download on iPhone/iPad:

We hope as you promote your app to your customers they're able to enjoy how we've continued to push the envelope of vehicle ownership to extreme altitudes.

As always you have our continued commitment and investment to keep this app experience improving for your clients. And don't worry it's easy too. All your customers have to do when prompted is click the 'update' button in the app store on their favorite mobile device.

To your shop's #customobileapp success!

Jeremy Glassco
The Original #MobileAppNinja

Stay tuned for the official announcement about #MyInstantSite Version 3.0 being released too.

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Introducing #MyInstantSite Version 2.0 for #autoshopowners

I'll be honest, this is our most exciting & revolutionary update yet.

Here's why...
Do you want a better way for your staff to send text messages and images to customers, but without them using a personal cell phone?

Are you tired of all incoming customer calls, requests, emails going into a black hole without knowing who on your team is responding or what the status is?

Problems solved!!!
In fact, what we've been building over the last few months could be the ground breaking tool you've need to help you and your staff communicate easier on the fly with your customers.

Here's some of the highlights we packed into this version:
- Seamless 2-way texting with your customers
- Integrated phone call tracking (recording included)
- Team centered logging of texts, calls, notes, emails, & more!
- Staff avatars to add a personal & creative touch
- Up to 5 users can have separate accounts for viewing as a team, working together to ensure timely responses to customers

Download on Android/Google Device:

Download on iPhone/iPad:

To your shop's #customobileapp success!

Jeremy Glassco
The Original #MobileAppNinja


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Goodbye Email! Say, what?

Seriously, Let me ask all the #autorepairshopowners in the room.......

Have you ever wondered where that lost customer email went? Or worse, if anyone on your team actually took the time to respond to your customer? Or who answered that last call, and what action they took to get that customer to visit your shop?

Don't we all spend large sums of money to get new customers in the door, and aren't we spending lots of money on coaching and other tips to retain our customers? Why are we all putting this time and money to waste by remaining in the dark. It doesn't have to be this way.

Finally, customer communication has never been easier with this one of a kind CRM that integrates with your mobile app and website.

The truth is in this version 1.0 we've literally reimagined a CRM that honestly, doesn't need email.

Don't your #smartphonecustomers want something different anyway, say a quick text message or a push notification in your #custommobileapp? We sure think so!

In fact, now you can get all the same great marketing tools you've come to expect, but with a brilliant navigation experience exclusively designed for mobile devices and tablets.

Here's the Version 1.0 Highlights!
- View your customers and their service history
- Check out your latest online reviews
- Manage incoming customer requests
- Enroll customers in your rewards program
- Manage your incoming customer alerts
- Signup customers in your birthday club or text club
- Invite customers to signup or download your app
- Assign promotional offers to your customers
- Redeem customer coupons
- View your customer appointment schedule

Cool, right? All of these features are self contained in an easy to use mobile app that you and your team could be logged in to on any mobile device or tablet. Give a "yippee" if you're thrilled to finally have your customers at your fingertips wherever you are.

Now, although we packed version 1.0 with an amazing amount of value, we're just getting started. Just imagine what we've got in store with many more advanced features coming your way in future versions.

Now please don't worry if you're an existing #instantautosite. This is an entirely free tool and upgrade for all our existing #autorepairshop clients.

We hope you go ahead and give it a try!
Download here.


APPLE iTunes Store:

P.S. If you aren't giving your smartphone customers what they want, what are you waiting for? Our hard working team has finally created a simple to use tool that can let us all say "Goodbye Email!"


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The #mobileappninja had a blast meeting so many of you at the #ATISuperConference2017 --- #custommobileapps for shop owners may not be the hottest trending topic, but think websites in the took awhile but eventually everyone now has a website. Give it a couple years we'll all be needing a mobile app platform to offer to our customers.

Hey, aren't vehicle owners already even proving they use mobile apps all the time, in fact even more than a browser, let's give them what they ask for, right?

If you didn't see our #instantautosite booth at ATI 2017, perhaps you can find us at an upcoming show. We're considering #sema, and/or #NACEAutomechanika. Leave us your suggestion where you would like to see the ninja next!

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We're thrilled to be invited to the 2017 ATI SuperConference in a couple weeks! Here's more details about the amazing weekend ATI hosts for our industry:

Of course, we'll be there as the pioneer of the smartest #custommobileapps you can imagine for #repairshopowners.

In fact, we'll even be giving away a couple prizes during the raffle; either a $50 gift card to GooglePlay or a $50 gift card for iTunes.

Here's what you shouldn't miss though.

PLEASE make sure you find Jeremy Glassco over the weekend or at least visit our table. We've got a HUGE grand prize we're giving away valued at over $4,000+. Come find out what it is!

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InstantAutoSite on the moon? Not quite........
But the version 3.0.4 upgrade is here!

In fact, all our client's #mobileapps got a huge upgrade today ---

In this version we really did some amazing things including upgrading many components, and even improving the user interaction throughout the app.

Here's the simple truth though... Even though our moms tell us they're very proud of this version, we're a little disappointed we couldn't finish these:
- We did not travel to the moon
- We did not get elected president
- We did not go back in time

Oh well. Maybe next time! Stay tuned for more updates.

If you still don't have a #custommobileapp for your #autorepairshop give us a call to find out for yourself or signup for a demo here:

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How are Small Businesses Benefiting from Mobile Apps?

I was shocked to learn when reading a recent survey that showed 62 percent of the businesses asked already had apps or were in the process of developing.

Furthermore, of those, 20 percent used their apps purely for branding purposes, 30 percent have revenue generating apps and 50 percent use them for support and engagement.

If you had a #custommobileapp for your #autorepairshop how would you use it?

We never want to STOP learning about smartphone trends, in fact at #instantautosite we're tirelessly listening to shop owners, sharing ideas, learning what it’s going to take to stay competitive in today’s smartphone market place.

Looking forward to your comments.

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Well said Bernadette Coleman!
The CEO at Advice Local stole the words out of my mouth.

Read this article or check out this image....

With the truth out that we all need a mobile app now the question is... What is the right kind of #custommobile app for your shop? A mobile app that simply checks the box, or a mobile app that actually connects with your repair shop software and provides valuable benefits and tools to your customers.

I invite you to reach out to us to learn more about your options for mobile app development today.

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Why don't you have your own #customerloyalty custom branded #mobileapp yet? The wave is here... customers are MORE and more using mobile apps to shop / surf for their next automotive service.

There are already a host of apps out there to help vehicle owners shop for their next service quote, RepairPal, OpenBay and now..."Blitzify". In fact, the Blitzify founder David Swan says, “In the digital age of empowered consumers it’s surprising that many people still make the often-costly decision of visiting the auto repair shop nearest to their home or workplace.”

Don't lose the battle raging on your customers' smartphones. Get your very own custom #repairshopmobileapp and fight back!!

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It is not uncommon to get a deer in the headlights look when we talk about #Schema markup. #repairshopowners who ask, "What is Schema Markup?" are often surprised with the answer and what it means for the success of their #repairshopwebsite.
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