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The first instant full-featured website and mobile app CRM engineered exclusively for auto repair professionals
The first instant full-featured website and mobile app CRM engineered exclusively for auto repair professionals

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InstantAutoSite on the moon? Not quite........
But the version 3.0.4 upgrade is here!

In fact, all our client's #mobileapps got a huge upgrade today ---

In this version we really did some amazing things including upgrading many components, and even improving the user interaction throughout the app.

Here's the simple truth though... Even though our moms tell us they're very proud of this version, we're a little disappointed we couldn't finish these:
- We did not travel to the moon
- We did not get elected president
- We did not go back in time

Oh well. Maybe next time! Stay tuned for more updates.

If you still don't have a #custommobileapp for your #autorepairshop give us a call to find out for yourself or signup for a demo here:

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How are Small Businesses Benefiting from Mobile Apps?

I was shocked to learn when reading a recent survey that showed 62 percent of the businesses asked already had apps or were in the process of developing.

Furthermore, of those, 20 percent used their apps purely for branding purposes, 30 percent have revenue generating apps and 50 percent use them for support and engagement.

If you had a #custommobileapp for your #autorepairshop how would you use it?

We never want to STOP learning about smartphone trends, in fact at #instantautosite we're tirelessly listening to shop owners, sharing ideas, learning what it’s going to take to stay competitive in today’s smartphone market place.

Looking forward to your comments.

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Well said Bernadette Coleman!
The CEO at Advice Local stole the words out of my mouth.

Read this article or check out this image....

With the truth out that we all need a mobile app now the question is... What is the right kind of #custommobile app for your shop? A mobile app that simply checks the box, or a mobile app that actually connects with your repair shop software and provides valuable benefits and tools to your customers.

I invite you to reach out to us to learn more about your options for mobile app development today.

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Why don't you have your own #customerloyalty custom branded #mobileapp yet? The wave is here... customers are MORE and more using mobile apps to shop / surf for their next automotive service.

There are already a host of apps out there to help vehicle owners shop for their next service quote, RepairPal, OpenBay and now..."Blitzify". In fact, the Blitzify founder David Swan says, “In the digital age of empowered consumers it’s surprising that many people still make the often-costly decision of visiting the auto repair shop nearest to their home or workplace.”

Don't lose the battle raging on your customers' smartphones. Get your very own custom #repairshopmobileapp and fight back!!

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It is not uncommon to get a deer in the headlights look when we talk about #Schema markup. #repairshopowners who ask, "What is Schema Markup?" are often surprised with the answer and what it means for the success of their #repairshopwebsite.

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Ninja Trick #3 of 12 - Appointment Card Reminders
The third of twelve videos in the InstantAutoSite original YouTube video series: 12 Ninja Tricks To Get Your Customers To Come Back More Often. Produced exclusively for #autorepair professionals.

****YES, this feature of displaying your customer's upcoming scheduled appointments is even better in our new #custommobileapp version 3.0 too***

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In this latest #custommobileapp version 3.0.3 we jumped through a hoop on fire, tamed a lion, and even walked a tight rope!!

wink, wink

Ok, truth be told we didn't exactly accomplish all of these feats, but what we did might actually be even more impressive. In update 3.0.3 to the delight of our #repairshop clients we squashed some more of those very pesky bugs. This is actually much harder than it sounds. You really should see the size of some of those bugs.

Bye bye bugs.

- Push notifications just got more reliable
- Display enhancements improve the viewing experience
- Connectivity to owner personal settings is now more stable

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#shopowners are you able to ask your customers if they have downloaded your #custommobileapp yet?

Using the latest in mobile app technology the BIG GUYS (i.e. Meineke) are able to stay connected with their customers even while their customers are away. Check out this email a local store blast to their customers promoting their app.

Here's the simple truth.
Moving into 2017 and beyond #mobileapps have the power to play a vital role in keeping your customers loyal to your business and giving you the competitive edge over your local competition.

Here's a fair warning. Smartphone customers and millennials are already showing they prefer to do business using their smartphone to do simple tasks like schedule appointments, track service history, get rewards and more. Are you ready for this customer preference? 

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In case you missed it our ground breaking #custommobileapp technology has been recently featured in a AUTOMOTIVE AFTERMARKET TECHNOLOGY MotorAge™ article.

We hope you check it out in this article and give us a +1 if you can.

Just one of the many highlights we loved from the article is they shared what one of our clients Moore's Auto Care Center said about how it helps the customer experience at their shop............."My customers have commented how easy it was to request an appointment or click to get directions right from the mobile app,” said Kevin Moore of Moore's Auto Care Center in Holly Springs, Georgia.

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Version 3.0 #custommobileapp for #shopowners is here!
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