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Protect yourself with free disposable email forwarding
Protect yourself with free disposable email forwarding

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If you've recently experienced delayed emails using, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. It was due to a server-side bug (in other words, our fault) which has been fixed!

As usual, if you don't see an expected email right away, check your Junk/Spam folder. Some email providers just don't like that the email was sent to and not your real address. Be sure to mark it as "Not Junk" or "Not Spam", and you should get subsequent emails to your inbox!

It's not a Democratic issue. It's not a Republican issue. It's an Instance Mail issue. And we'd never win against the telecoms. #NetNeutrality

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Even when you're shopping with trusted merchants, it's a good idea to use a disposable Instance Mail address. We consider this to be an endorsement from one of the world's largest home improvement retailers. Thanks, +The Home Depot!

Just rolled out a few changes to the Instance Mail App for Android:

- Fixed an issue where long-touch to copy the new Instance Mail address wasn't working on certain Android versions.
- Added a new Copy button to make copying the address easier.
- Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

Pretty soon we'll be adding all the features of to the app, so stay tuned for future updates!

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We just released the Instance Mail app for Android! Check it out on Google Play; It's the fastest way to create a temporary email address on your mobile device. (And an iOS app is coming soon!)   #DisposableEmail   #TemporaryEmail   #Android  
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