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Do you follow an account or user on Instagram that sticks to photographing within a theme or series? We've discovered some incredible accounts that have challenged themselves to do just that!
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I challenged myself to only post glitched-out, pixelated compositions. As an extra challenge I don't use any Instagram filters and all shots are 100% composed on my mobile. It's not easy!
+Instagram can you please explain to me why my instagram logged me out,wont let me log back in and,is saying i need a "account validation,so please log on to and validate your identity' i dont understand so please explain this to me if you can and help me fix it ASAP thanks :)
Do you think any update about connection between instagram and google plus ? We want to share our instagram photos on google plus ! :) I am wainting for your reply. Thanks, have a nice day
here are some our favorite submissions to this past.
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