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"Inspired by Elle paintings are simply​ breath-taking"
"Inspired by Elle paintings are simply​ breath-taking"

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Learn new ways to wear your silk scarf, as sometimes one scarf can make a HUGE statement on many occasions!

#HowToWear #Fashion #Accessory #London

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Well, there are luxury locations on this planet but none quite like this one. Petit St. Vincent is a private island resort where you will literally feel that you are dreaming. It is located in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean Sea, and is surrounded by fabulous coral reefs. With exquisite cuisine, a luxury spa, diving school and utter luxury everywhere, this private island is a destination you will want to add to your bucket list!

#luxuryholidays #PetitStVincent #weddings

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Artificial Intelligence has and continues to literally LEAP into the future....we have not even had time to consider "if we should, just because we could". This article gives some insight into how smart Google Lens is going to be, which does beg the question as to whether AI is our friend or foe. Well, perhaps it depends of the motivation or use of the technology, as when your phone can identify where you are, who you are with and probably even the labels you are wearing, it does sound a bit CSI. Privacy has been eroded in recent years, and it looks like this technology is going to give it another sledgehammer :)

We must start to ask questions about security as having your phone able to access passwords automatically, and log you in and out of networks is quite honestly a major concern. Added to this if misused, our phones could potentially land us in all sorts of trouble. Lastly, the question of the monopolising of such technology without checks and balances should also cause concern.

#GoogleLens #Technology #ArtificialIntelligence #Privacy

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Many of you will agree with this title as "Nobody does it better.." does sum up the viewpoint of many about Roger Moore who sadly passed away yesterday in Switzerland. Born in Stockwell on 14 October 1927, Sir Roger George Moore KBE, was most famous for playing secret agent, James Bond, but also played Simon Templar, in the Saint for 7 years between 1962 and 1969. He was the longest serving 007 as he starred in 7 films, and this article is nice as it carries some great photographs with fellow characters and James Bonds, past and current.

#RogerMoore #JamesBond #London

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Sometimes we expect love to come as a grand gesture, however isn't it exactly the opposite in that the little things we notice, are actually the real signs of love and affection?

Little Things

You holding my hand,
making me feel safe.
Unity between us,
feeling comfy and ace.

It’s always the little things
that give us the most.

The gentle caressing,
your fingers stroking my ear.
Making me feel special,
and without worry or care.

It’s always the little things
that give us the most.

Telling me I am beautiful,
when no make up I wear.
Insisting I look absolutely lovely,
when you muck up my hair.

It’s always the little things
that give us the most.

Laughing out loud,
until my tummy almost hurt.
You beaming beside me,
makes life have such worth.

It’s always the little things
that give us the most.

Life with you beside me,
is beyond compare to most.
Truth is.. it’s a BIG thing,
and something to toast.

Written by Elle Smith

© Elle Smith - COPYRIGHT Inspired By Elle 2017

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Maybe you will appreciate these words if you have a parent, who has Dementia or Alzheimers, as it must be so hard to not communicate as you once were able to. This is a short poem by Elle Smith about Dementia from the perspective of the person suffering with this condition.

#dementia #Alzheimers #UniteAgainstDementia #OriginalPoem

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Let's share and raise awareness as it's Dementia Awareness Week from14 to 20 May 2017. The statistics are SHOCKING and this illness is likely to be the biggest killer in 21st Century. It is estimated that by 2021 there will be 1,000,000 sufferers, and I have written the figure as the word "MILLION" seems to minify the number of people affected.

We need to know more about the causes and prevention, encourage our politicians to set aside more funds for care and moreover try to understand this illness properly.

We are in a time of much inequality on the planet. However, health must not define the 21st Century as another area we added to the list. Collectively, we must restore the ethos of caring for those less able within our society on ALL levels, as this is what humanity is supposed to mean; and not the current sway towards care of self importance and greed. The world will then start to be a much nicer place than we see today!

#Dementia #MentalHealth #London #DAW2017

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Art and Creativity are to be found everywhere in our daily lives, and can be far from what convention informs us that it should be. Leslie Tharp is a metal artist from Gainesville in Florida, who uses metalwork and blacksmith techniques to produce art, and by the images combines a powerful workout at the same time.

#art #creativity #London

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We often delay our dreams, because of other pressing priorities and deadlines, instead preferring to wait for a thousand tomorrows. Maybe this quote will inspire you to be bold and say today is the day my dreams begin!

#dreams #inspiration #london #InspiredByElle


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This must be important if even Wikipedia has devoted a page to the UK government's plans to ban end-to-end encryption!

What is affected:
Signal fact most things in our lives are encrypted for good reason. Last November Tesco Bank lost a small fortune to hackers, without a clue as to who took money from the customer accounts. They paid nearly 2.5 million in compensation! Whilst we can see that the government needs to stop the bad guys (and ladies too, I guess!), surely with the highest security and surveillance in Europe, your intelligence staff need to do better analysis of the data they collect, and target those suspected of wrongdoing. History has taught us that no one ever plays fairly when they can see the other party's cards!!!

Currently under secret consultation with only technology advisors and the actual consultation document not available for public scrutiny, no one can be sure how sweeping these powers could potentially be. However, we know that it would allow of 1 in 10,000 people to be placed under surveillance, that is 6,500 citizens in one sweep and the companies involved have 1 day to hand over the keys

#encryption #privacy #UK #InvestigatoryPowersAct
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