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Business Services; On time and On Budget!
Business Services; On time and On Budget!

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IT'S HERE!! The Direct Selling News Global 100 Annual Report comes in a 10-pack for you to give away or share with others. Includes full profiles for the entire Global 100 as well as the new North American 50. Click here to preview every page:
2015 DSN Global 100
2015 DSN Global 100

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A MUST Read!  Things you need to do to rank in the Search Engines.  Now listen, this is a changing environment and many of the SEO and Back Link Schemes are quickly running sites out of front page territory.  From the beginning, the Relevance of your website to the term being searched is key.  The inefficiency of your website to deliver the relevant content, as well as external sites that consider you site valuable play key roles.  You must get your focus on the actual textual content relevance to search requests you wish to gain traffic for!

The Compensation Plan sets the Atmosphere for your Sales Team or Distributors.  It can lead people to focus on selling products and services or to build a recruiting scheme.  Which would you like?

While we are often asked to help develop comp plans, some start ups have a compensation plan, system specification or quote from software vendors in hand.  We offer FREE Review of Comp Plans, System Specs and Software Quotes.  Many times, we can blow them away with our own offerings!

Straight forward, Enterprise MLM and Direct Selling Software
The Backbone of your Business

This is an item that relates to changing best practices for marketing.  AutoBlogging is a method for auto generation of blog content.  This sort of automated methodology is frowned on by Google and could hurt your rankings.  That said, Auto Aggregation, for the purpose of manually looking at every day and drafting true content means this could be an extremely powerful tool!

If it LOOKS Like a SCAM, it Probably Is
I wrote this blog in 2012 and it still applies today!

Some older news about Party Plans... Still ahead of it's time!

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This is a simple, yet fun example of a common situation.
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