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We search for testers of our MultilingualPress Plugin to create fast, stable multilingual WordPress sites.
We are looking for qualified feedback, first a round test and later special tests to specific functions. Easy contact with current product lead +Frank Bültge . Best with tools like hangout, g-docs and mail was helpful.

If you like, write here or via contact +Frank Bültge or mail to f.bueltgeATinpsydeDOTcom about your background. Also, it is interesting for us, if you have a public multilingual site, maybe with WordPress.

Test and give feedback and get a free premium version.

See more on the follow sites.

Free, open Version:

Premium Version:
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Hi! I'm interested in this. Currently building a multilingual multisite for a client, so precisely what your plugin wants to achieve. I've used WPML in the past and was not very happy with it. What do you need from me to test it?
Sounds interesting: Currently working on 2 wordpress websites for world wide business purposes. Never found a plugin i was satisfied with, but first time i see this one.
+Cedric Bronkhorst Hi Cedric. Send me also a mail to and I send you the current release.
+Gabor Javorszky Also the hint: We work on a plugin, that migrate from WPML to our MLP, but not ready today.
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