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David Wiggins Jr. Sets New Distance Record with Blizzard Champion Boss

On Friday, April 13th, 16 year old David Wiggins Jr. launched a 134-gram Blizzard Champion Boss high into the desert sky. When it returned to earth, spotters confirmed the disc had traveled 836' (255m) and had broken the world distance record. A record that stood untouched for nearly a decade. David was competing in the the High Desert Distance Challenge III in Primm, NV (elevation 2618'). David's throw bested Christian Sandström's record of 820' that was set way back on April 26, 2002 with an Innova DX Valkyrie.

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Congrats David!!! That's crazy distance! Bet you guys are happy it happened with Innova plastic, do other companies have representatives there too? (Discraft, Gateway, etc)
Gary B
my buddy bombed one about 400-500 feet
Insane a 16yr old no less.
That's wicked insane. Makes me feel like a total noob.
Gary B
If it makes you feel better man i Am new to the game even know i live by 50 courses withing like 30 miles lol
I've only been playing a few months now. My average drive is about 180-220ft.
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