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InNetwork connects marketers with social media influencers
InNetwork connects marketers with social media influencers

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Our latest post by +Daniel Hebert  on +Matt Cutts  blog post about the dying breed of guest posting for SEO purposes.

Matt Cutts: Guest Blogging Is Dead... For SEO - What Does This Mean

Guest posting has always been a strategy for bloggers to get their brand out there, but was never meant as an SEO or backlink strategy. Google is taking a stance on low-quality backlinks from guest posters. If guest posting was a major part of your SEO strategy for 2014, you might need to revisit this.

Read the full article here:


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Is Real-Time Marketing Dead?

A great questions and discussion asked by +Sam Fiorella  on the InNetwork blog today.

"There’s a growing debate around the concept of real-time marketing.  The problem may be that it is – more often than not – fabricated. Marketers have simply been trying too hard to go viral and not focusing on the true nature of real-time marketing."

Please join the discussion at

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We've noticed something with agencies doing influence marketing over the past few months:

It's not that they can't find influencers, or can't find the right influencers. It just takes too much damn time to do the right research, and they need a process that's more efficient to find niche bloggers.

Turns out FleishmanHillard found a solution in InNetwork!

Check out how they used our influence marketing software to cut down on at least 50% of their research time:

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Did you see +Daniel Hebert's latest post?

What Sex Has Taught Us About Our Content Strategy and Attracting Prospects

Yup - you read that right. What are things you can do to help you with your content, attracting prospects, and sex? 

Find out here:

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