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Game localization studio - Inlingo
Game Localization, Testing, Music production, Assessment, Voice-over
Game Localization, Testing, Music production, Assessment, Voice-over


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Inlingo is at Gamesc­om in Cologne!
In the video, our Bu­siness Development Director George Butchard is testing an exciting VR novelty. We can te­st your game too 😉 Email us at order@inlingogames.c­om with the subject GoT­oRussia and get a fr­ee analysis for your project.

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Assessing your game's potential in Russia. Special offer during the Gamescom conference in Cologne. Send us an email to with GoToRussia in the subject and get a free 3D analysis of your project:
❶ The game itself: mechanics, balance, design and overall suitability for Russian players
❷ Localization: difficulty, cost, timeframes, requirement to rewrite content
❸ Business: marketing events, communities, PR and suggested investment.

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Inlingo team likes to play board games once our work is done.
Tonight is a good time for it. But there's a hard choice ☺
And what is your favorite board game?

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We're going to be at ChinaJoy in Shanghai on July 27-30!
We have an excellent offer for Chinese companies that plan to move into the Russian market :)
Our team Pavel Tokarev, Nadezhda Lynova and George Butchard will be glad to see you. Come along!
You can find us in B2B area at stand #C701

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Inlingo is five years old!

This might not seem like such a long time, but we’ve learned and changed a lot in the last five years. At first Inlingo was an ordinary translation agency. All we wanted to do was make texts in foreign languages readable, and we only hired native speakers for our assignments. We weren’t reaching for the stars, we just wanted to do good work and make a decent living. This went on for almost two years. Competitors were popping up all over the place, and we started having doubts.

Everything changed during our third year of development, when we realized that we needed to become something special. Average companies can't survive nowadays, so we decided to choose what we love most of all: games! After all, we love to play games, and we try all the new ones that come out. But having a focus doesn’t just mean doing what you love; it also means backing away from everything else. In our case, that meant no longer translating articles and documents and just localizing games. Sure, we were nervous. What if no one hired us? We were just a little agency from Samara, after all. What if we didn’t have the knowledge and skill? We started going to conferences, communicating with our peers, approaching everyone we respected as gamers and brazenly asking them for advice about everything under the sun, and looking for the best employees – and, as Steve Jobs has taught us, letting them do their jobs. Then, all of a sudden, we got a big client. It’s funny how it works — we believed in ourselves, but we were still shocked.

During our fourth year we grew so quickly it made our heads spin. We had big clients, fewer competitors (thanks to the Russian financial crisis), top-notch translators, and more and more language pairs to work with, and... well, we couldn’t handle the incoming workload anymore. It's embarrassing to admit it, but we would forget to send an email on time, or fail to add a line to the CRM, or let a potential order slip through our fingers... we didn’t manage social media properly and were working with a homemade business website. We had some growing pains, but eventually we were able to sit down and calmly build a system out of all that chaos.

Now, as we approach the end of our first five year plan, we’ve seen new niches on the market, we have new ideas for Inlingo products and services, and we’re developing a new level of client requests. But if you think that an entrepreneur or a developer of something new ever has a moment to sit by the fireplace with a cigar, relax, and ignore those thoughts about “how could I make it better” or “how could I implement a new feature,” well, I hate to disappoint you, but that moment never comes. Everyone else is on summer break, but we’re digging in and crawling toward new horizons.
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The mobile games market is the largest segment of the global digital content market. According to data from NewzooHQ, by 2018 its volume will reach 44 billion dollars.
Russia is the fifth largest consumer of mobile content in the world. The Russian market includes 60 million mobile device users. Every year, the audience’s size and income from content sales increase, and of course, that draws investors.
Alongside @myTarget, we’re helping publishers of mobile games enter the Russian market: we promote and localize their product and make their application available, understandable and popular among the Russian audience.

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✈ The Inlingo Game Localization Studio team is heading to White Nights St. Petersburg 2017 on June 14-15!
Pavel Tokarev and Tim Farvadeev have answers to all your questions about localization! See you in St. Petersburg.
#inlingo #gamelocalization #wnconf

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☀ Dear friends, summer has arrived and it starts with a celebration of International Day for Protection of Children! 👶
✔ Conditions:
We, the employees of the Inlingo Game Localization studio, truly want to see more developing, educational and just fun and light-hearted applications and games. So in honor of the holiday, we have a special offer – 20% off localization for any projects for children!
Don't miss this chance to put smiles on children's faces all over the world with your project!
#Inlingo #gamelocalization #summer

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A few photos from DevGAMM Moscow 2017!
A big thanks to our organisers and colleagues, it was great.
#Inlingo #gamelocalization #DevGAMM
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Evgeniy Trufanov, the winner of our contest at DevGAMM Minsk 2016, is showing the results of his work on the game Wordycat! We wish Evgeniy a smooth release and a huge number of downloads =)
#Inlingo #gamelocalization #Wordycat
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