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What Happens After An Uber Or Lyft (RideShare) Accident?

Uber & Lyft are making big news for many reasons, which has not gone unnoticed by personal injury lawyers.

So my latest post explains some of the concerns & issues involving Florida Uber & Lyft drivers, accidents, and insurance policy issues.

I would greatly appreciate any shares, plus ones, or comments!

+Kimberly Bishop +Steven Sweat +Donald Petersen +Terri Robinette +Christopher Hoffmann +David Slepkow +Reiter & Walsh, PC +Jonathan Rosenfeld +Dave Abels

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Tina Willis Law
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Notice During Bankruptcy Cases

Don't skimp on providing notice to creditors if you have to declare bankruptcy!

By San Francisco's leading bankruptcy lawyer +Cathy Moran +Moran Law Group.
When service is cheap, why are Chapter 13 trustees skimping on notice?
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Top Ten Patient Safety Concerns

How medical providers can be proactive in avoiding medical malpractice.

By the outstanding New New med mal law firm +Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf.
To avoid medical malpractice and make sure their patients are safe, good healthcare organizations stay proactive and identify actual and new risks of medical malpractice to better address them. Every year the ECRI institute, a non profit organization advocating for patient safety, compiles a list of the most urgent issues to be addressed by these organizations. The list, based on more than 2 million events reported to the ECRI Institute, highlights high priority concerns and new risks related to patients safety and proposes solutions to address them.
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How much are bankruptcy fees & costs, when you hire a lawyer?

Learn more from +Adam Garcia of Modesto, California. #Sacramento #BankruptcyLawyer

Adam, what is your business profile on G+? I'd be glad to exchanging business post sharing if you are interested!
There are several costs when filing chapter 7 #bankruptcy in California. The largest expense is hiring an attorney. #Modesto bankruptcy attorney Adam Garcia typically charges $900 in attorney fees, but other attorneys may charge more. After paying an attorney you’ll have to pay the Bankruptcy Court a $335 filing fee. Lastly, you must pay for 2 online courses required by the Bankruptcy Code. These courses typically cost $15.
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‪When there is a #DC snow storm on the first day of Spring 👀 and the Court is closed for inclement weather and now has to handle two (2) days worth of calendar. #InCourt #defend/ing against DUI allegations. #DCLawyer | 'Tell a friend to tell a friend'‬
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Don't Take Chances With Your Orlando Car Accident Case

Introducing my first slide share, thanks to +Donald Petersen for getting me to take action.

#OrlandoCarAccidentLawyer #FloridaPersonalInjuryAttorney

I would greatly appreciate re-shares +Steven Sweat +Robinette Legal Group, PLLC +Terri Robinette +Christopher Hoffmann +Jonathan Rosenfeld +Matt Willens

Tina Willis Law - Orlando, 390 N. Orange Ave., Suite 2300G, Orlando, Florida 32801 (407) 803-2139
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If you were injured at work in Durham, North Carolina, +Kimberly Bishop, of +The Bishop Law Firm is the one to call.

#durham #NorthCarolina #workerscompensation
Durham NC Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you need a Durham NC Workers Compensation Lawyer, keep reading for how The Bishop Law Firm can help. We represent worker's compensation clients in Durham and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free case evaluation at (919) 615-3095.

#durham #NorthCarolina #workerscompensation #lawyer #NCjobinjury
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Car accident lawyers sometimes use rough calculations to estimate the upper and lower limits of car accident damages, but many good and bad facts can change those numbers.

Excellent discussion regarding how to calculate car accident damages by +Christopher Hoffmann of +The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C., an exceptional St. Louis, Missouri car accident law firm.
Insurance companies and accident lawyers often use the multiplier method to calculate non economic damages resulting from a car accident.
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A LOT of hard work went into this comprehensive legal discussion about the various state "do not call" lists. He breaks down these laws on a state-by-state basis, complete with a map for ease of reference.

The amazing thing is that +Donald Petersen from the Florida TCPA +Law Office of Donald E Petersen is about to produce an even more thorough / exhaustive post on a similar topic. Stay tuned for that one, which will blow us all away. He's really one of the leading nationwide experts on all things involving credit phone calls.

Great job +Donald Petersen!

Originally shared by +Terri Robinette

+Kimberly Bishop +The Bishop Law Firm +Steven Sweat +Christopher Hoffmann +David Slepkow please share!

Forty-four (44) states have a state specific do not call law. When the FTC began maintaining the national do not call registry in 2003, thirty-six (36) states maintained a state do not call registry. Today, only twelve (12) do.

The state do not call laws are enforced at the discretion of the attorneys general or other state agencies. The attorneys general do not pursue any money for individual consumers and any fines collected go to the state and are not distributed to the effected residents.

Only six (6) of the states that allow residents to bring a private lawsuit against the caller also allow the phone owner to receive statutory damages and attorney's fees. In other states which technically allow a private right of action, any individual relief or attorney's fees rests upon statutes other than the state's do not call law.

Six states and the District of Columbia do not have a state do not call law but residents of these jurisdictions can enter their residential phone numbers in the national do not call registry.

PIng +Tina Willis +James Novak +Jason M. Krumbein, Esq. +Cathy Moran +Jeffery Robinette +David Addleton +Robert Weed +Neil Ackerman +Gerri Detweiler

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Great advice regarding roll-over accidents from the absolute best WV personal injury lawyer +Robinette Legal Group, PLLC! +Terri Robinette +Jeffery Robinette
Most rollover accidents can be prevented. Find out how and what to do if you or your loved ones have been injured in a rollover crash: #morgantownwv #lawyer #morgantownpersonalinjurylawyer #wvcaraccidentlawyer
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